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ReinventionMastery — Taming The World

Reinvention Mastery

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I’m writing to let you know about an urgent problem facing all of us today. Over more than 4,324 hours of coaching calls, I started to recognize patterns. And over 10 years ago, I started to piece it together. Here’s the simple truth: Our brains have been hard wired to position us for success in the industrial era—NOT the fast moving technology age.

And quite frankly, the world is changing at an accelerating pace. Every day seems even faster than the day before.

Heck, even Facebook and Twitter are using science to chemically addict us to spend more time on their products. And our brains are still wired to the same thought processes that led us to success in the industrial era.

So today, I will be showing you: 1) how you can instantly recognize these patterns in yourself or others and 2) simple and easy steps you can take to re-wire your brain and as a result change your life.

Because, if you don’t master the art of reinvention, you’re probably going to get royally screwed. Like shoved in a trunk by a bunch of sociopathic goons, duct tape over your mouth, getting ready to be rolled up in a cheap motel carpet and dumped, screwed.

I first started to notice a HUGE change in my career with the advent of the computer. I realized that most jobs would be commoditized in my field within the next 8 years so I wisely managed to leave.

And here are some other hidden modern dangers your brain has to deal with:

Sure, the government tells you inflation has been insignificant. But, I bet you’ve noticed those bags of groceries are getting a bit pricier and lighter too.

And with all of these changes, even governments are getting in on the act, making record amounts of legislation, often changing things on the fly, without any foresight into the “unintended consequences.” And somehow, no matter whether it’s one party or another…the end result means you work more, make less and your spending power flies out the window..

If you haven’t figured out where I’m going with this, I’ll spell it out for you.

Because if you slow down. If you falter. If you take a miscalculated step.

Yep, You’re drowning. And there isn’t a mysteriously convenient vine in sight.

Just a couple of decades ago, sure, it made sense to spend four years in college getting an education. You could expect your career to last long enough to pay off that college loan. You had a more stable economy that meant you had a bit more job security. Hell, even the markets were more driven by fundamentals than emotions.

More so, you had time to deal with the big knocks in life. You had time to take a leave of absence. You had time to process your emotions. You had time to deal with your personal life and recalibrate. Hell, if it got too bad, you could move to another state and start over, and no one knew anything about you.

But let’s be real here. You don’t have those luxuries anymore.

Because while you take a couple of days off from the retail job you managed to outbid sixty other candidates for, your friendly middle-manager called them back up and hired someone else to replace you. And at the starting wage you made a year ago, saving the company forty-five dollars every week. If they haven’t already planned to phase out your position altogether for a digital kiosk, since half the inventory they sell is already produced by bare-footed kids in a filthy sweat shop somewhere on the map you’ve never even heard of.

And when you get that pink slip and vague, insincere apology for having to let you go, you find out that you didn’t work long enough to get the unemployment check that might have bought you some Ramen noodles to quiet your growling stomach while you look at the wanted ads that says don’t bother to apply for a shopping list of reasons.

And then you’re financial strain spills over into your social life, wrecking your marriage, or making that child support payment impossible to pay…and date nights? Forget about it…but hey, the cat still rubs your leg right?

And you have to skip every other pill you should be taking to keep that already scary blood pressure under control…

And you have so many things to do, so many competing priorities that you sit on your couch zoning out to Netflix, feeling like you’re going to hurl on your coffee table, because you can’t even figure out which thing is important enough to get done first.

It truly affects every aspect of your life…your relationships, your wealth, your health and your time!

Without a plan and a course of action for it, you are quite literally screwed, blued, and tattooed!

What’s worse, you’ve got snake oil salesmen, standing by infinity pools, or Lamborghinis telling you that they have THE plan you can follow to that better life. Promising you posh vacations, beautiful partners, money raining from the sky (or at least the Internet)…

But, what they’re selling you, most often just doesn’t work. Because they’re selling you a plan that doesn’t fit your life. You don’t have their background, their knowledge, or even their context, IF they aren’t selling you something that they just regurgitated from another “guru” themselves. And, playing devil’s advocate with a full shot of optimism on the rocks, they sell you a “legit” plan, it’s probably steps they took a few years ago, using tech and “rules” that no longer apply, because AGAIN, it’s all changing, TOO FAST.

So what are you to do? What’s the answer you’ve been waiting for? Who can you trust?

Only you can save yourself, but, that’s assuming you have the right critical thinking skills, the right focus, the right habits, the right network, the right mindset…and that you can let go of the butt-hurt.

And it’s each of these principles, when implemented in the correct sequence, that will allow you to pull the cord on that life vest to inflate.

It is these principles which will sweep that beaten, broken, weary spirit of your’s off the bathroom floor and cast it in the fire to harden like steel basked in a dragon’s breath.

These principles will forge your spirit into a sword-like drive that will help you climb every hurdle, face every challenge, and slay any creature that stands between you and that better life you so desperately desire.

It’s not going to make bad things stop happening. It’s not going to slow down the insane pace that life is moving at…that train is going to keep right on racing down the track…

It will be the candle in the dark, leading you forward out of the caves of despair into a new dawn…and not just once, but, again, and again.

Like a trusty compass, or the sextant of a weathered, war torn captain, navigating her way back to safer harbors.

A good friend of mine, older and wiser than myself, told me that predators fake sincerity extremely well.

And I think we can all find more than a few examples of this that we’ve encountered in our lives…

So I would completely understand skepticism.

There are so many people out there, all about enriching themselves with a blatant disregard for their customers…

And I truly believe there is a special place in hell for them!

But the one thing I feel makes me uniquely qualified to teach you the process of reinvention, is that from the moment I was born, I’ve had to adapt.

From being given up at birth and adopted at three months, surviving everything from a bad reaction to a tetanus shot that left me in an oxygen tent for several days, cancer, MRSA, multiple severe car accidents…

To changing careers three times, lay-offs, losing everything and building it back again and again, thriving after divorce and bankruptcy, owning multiple businesses…

I can assure you, I have mastered the art of finding balance in various states of imbalance.

Like getting the debt collectors to quit stalking your phone, ringing it off the hook from early morning till after dinner every day…to the point that they actually make it harder for you to catch up…one letter, and it stops it cold.

I’ve had the CEO of a phone company assign a VP directly to me, and he in turn send a crew out to literally turn the satellite dish on a cell phone tower to give me better reception.

And, a VP of a major bank back down and reverse a thousand dollars in overdraft charges they tried to sock me with, when I caught them creatively re-arranging my bank account to trigger the maximum fees they could. I could almost hear the guys heart pounding when I told him I had 800 pages of screen shots that showed them moving credits and debits around every few seconds from midnight to two in the morning.

Even when those greedy banks tried to hit me with crazy charges and foreclose my house, a few phone calls, some emails, and wham….

And speaking of the house, the divorce attorney who agreed to finalize my divorce a day before I was to close on my new home, and decided he’d try to make it rough for me…and the two lines I told him that had him grab his briefcase and get in front of the judge in less than thirty minutes to “get er’ done.”

I learned these skills out of necessity, because I’ve lived a life that I wouldn’t wish on anyone, and yet, wouldn’t trade for the world.

Having lived through so many traumatic experiences, I’ve developed a “grace under pressure” that makes me somewhat unique.

And everything I’d like to teach you, I’ve spent the last sixteen years teaching my own son, in an effort to raise an independent, capable young man that can thrive in the times ahead.

To his credit, at sixteen, he’s already on the verge of graduating, plays several instruments, has composed five albums of music already, and has already been involved in three indie films.

(I know you’re probably thinking “doting Dad” so, here’s a sample of his music…)

I’ve coached numerous clients that have gone on to lead more productive lives, and transitioned from some pretty trying situations.

I even got elected officials in a town (I won’t say where and I’ll never drive through it!) out of office, when they had a client of mine’s mother basically held hostage in a convalescent home and refused to allow her husband to visit her and were keeping her medications.

More than anything, I’m never satisfied until I see the people I’m blessed to take under my wings thriving after rising from a crisis…and having the confidence to boldly move forward with their lives in a more empowered way. If I’m remembered at all once I make the “big journey” I would hope that would be what for.

The main thing I focused on with this program is to make it simple, step-by-step, customized and more of an “experience” rather than a “course.”

If you’re at a crossroads in life, the last thing you need is more overwhelm!

And let’s face it, most “personal development” products are little more than a collection of eBooks, videos, audios or whatever, ganged up on a download page that turn it into a disorganized, figure it out on your own mess that you’ll probably never work through anyway. Am I right?

So, rather than overwhelm you with too much all at once, or try to make you swallow a one-size-fits-all solution…

We’ll start by working on releasing the stress, despair or sheer terror of what you’re dealing with…we’ll break it down into components so you can not only more clearly see what you need to work through, but also, the priority you should place on each aspect of the change you’re going through. When you go to the ER, the medical staff do what they call “triage” – assigning degrees of urgency to wounds or illnesses to decide the order of treatement of a large number of patients…and this is what we’ll do here, we’ll assign levels of priority to tasks to determine the most effective order to deal with them.

Next, we’ll start designing the “logistics” of your emerging future…

Most of the time when we encounter profound changes, we’re thrust into unfamiliar territory and working hard to just keep the wolf away from the door.

So we adapt, as best we can, but we do so haphazardly, without a plan…and that’s where we can most often make more work, or even trouble for ourselves.

Here’s where we’re going to dig in to the “be-do-have” approach I’ll teach you and more specifically, how to integrate that into your reinvention plan.

You’ll dive into what mindset you need to get you through, where you need to focus, what networks you need to build to get the support you need, and the habits you’ll need to replace or adopt…

We’re going to look at your situation, project probable outcomes and then design far better outcomes with the resources you have at hand.

Once we’ve got that vision crystal clear, we’ll reverse engineer the steps it’s going to take to get your life moving in a better direction.

Whether that’s divorce, lay off, major illness, a failing business…whatever.
But at the same time, I’ve given a lot of valuable information to a whole lot of people, in fact, you’ve probably downloaded something from me exactly like that…

And the sad truth is, we all have this tendency to not value what we don’t have to hustle for.

Whether it’s the shiny red bike you cut lawns to buy when you were a kid, or the Coach purse you just had to have and bought with money from the “swear jar”…when it requires a bigger commitment, we simply push harder.

We get things done. We make it happen.

The bigger question you need to be asking yourself right now is, what could one misstep, one bad decision in the mix of making major changes in my life cost me? It’s less than the deposit on an apartment, the earnest money to hold the lot you’d like to build a house on, an hour with your attorney in most cases…

When you sign up for the Reinvention Mastery course today, I’m also going to throw in:

I know that we may well be dealing with issues in your life you don’t want to share with anyone else… I’ve already anticipated that, and I’m going to let you schedule time with me personally, 1-on-1, where we can discuss those things in absolute confidence. You’ll be in a private, no-judgement environment via phone or Skype, where you can feel safe and free to discuss things openly and honestly. I’ve coached for some of the best gurus in the business…being the behind the scenes fulfillment guy.

Bonus #2: And, I’m going to give you access to a really cool “App” called Therachat –

With this you’ll be able to get automatic push notifications to remind you of what you should be doing to implement your reinvention right to your smart phone. It’s fully secure and HIPAA compliant so your privacy is protected, gives you access to message me at anytime (within reason), and helps you chart your progress as well as let me know if we need to go back to a 1-on-1 to fine tune things or address any concerns. With this,  you’ll have easy access to your previously finished activities to see how far you’ve come.

And the simple FACT is, I don’t have the time to help everyone…

I’m nearing fifty, I don’t have the energy to work 100 hour weeks anymore…and that isn’t going to change. Those days are gone for me. (And, I’ve reinvented myself to accommodate it!)

So, I want to make sure that if you decide to step up to this plate, if you’re ready to develop an internal guidance system that lets you pivot with the changes of life in a way that makes you like a cat, always landing on your feet…you’re going to be committed to see it through…

Because I know the power of what I’m willing to to teach you. I’ve survived sometimes nearly impossible odds as a result. And I’ve watched people who lacked confidence, were drowning in both bills and sorrow, take these methods and rise up, far beyond what they believed was possible.

Take it straight from Macus. When I met him, he was wanting to take his business to the next level, but as he put it, “I was so tired everyday from my day job that I practically took more than 2 weeks or even up to months to come out with a product. However, since I have applied his training, I was able to produce a product in JUST THREE DAYS over the weekend! The amount of support provided by Bill personally was commendable and I am so thankful that I embarked on his mastery training to achieve the results I never thought was possible.”

And why did this make a difference?

Or Daisy, who said, “Bill is an expert at balancing life and business. His inspiring ideas are a keystone for success in all facets of life. His advice will help you gain clarity about your goals, which is the first step to achieving them. Bill teaches you how to filter out the buzz of the unnecessary and focus your energy on the things that truly matter. With this roadmap, before you know it, you’ll reach a level of success and balance you could only dream about before.”

And Marina, goes on to say, “Bill is pretty amazing in how accurate he is. I found him very helpful in so many ways: he helped me to reinforce my positive qualities, and also highlighted the areas that need improvement – if I want to become fully free and fully alive. I love the way he accurately reflected on the struggles that I am going through in my personal and professional lives and gave suggestions on how I can improve. He was very useful in helping me to identify the next steps that I had already intuited and served as a way to give validation to my decisions. WOW!!!”

And most recently, Carmen, who told me she wants to get a long awaited book together, has the material, an idea of the layout, even the distribution channel worked out, but wanted to know what it would take to make the book a success. We went over where to find her market, how to set up a marketing and public relations plan to get the maximum number of eyeballs on her book just before, when and just after it releases. She has a pretty distinct roadmap to follow that is sure to make her book a success.

So you see, I can deliver results…this definitely isn’t my first clam bake!

Honestly, this is a profound, and deeply personal experience, something I truly put my heart into, and something I sincerely want you to use to empower yourself and live a far more fulfilling life than you may even believe is possible at this moment.

It may be a tough pill to swallow, but I’ve been absolutely honest with you all along, and I’m not going to stop now.

My parting gift is a simple wake-up call, a dose of the unfiltered reality we live in.

You can keep doing what you’ve always done, just keep cruising through life as normal. But without mastering the art of reinvention, life is going to get a whole lot tougher in the next decade, and I think if we’re being honest, the last decade has been pretty turbulent for most. And, even if you manage to stay one step ahead of the changes that are compounding rapidly, you won’t fully enjoy your life.

You will be constantly chasing the wolf from your door, even when just trying to keep things on an even kilter.

Your time will be limited by the over-time you’ll be working just to keep pace with inflation.

Your relationships will suffer from financial strain, your health will suffer from all of the stress…

The months and years will pass, and you will have LOST a golden opportunity to take advantage of a proven system…at the absolute lowest price that will ever be offered.

Sure, that’s not much of a gift…but I believe in shooting straight from the hip.

And, I believe in YOU. I believe that you will make the best and only decision for your greatest chance at mastering this process, adapting readily to whatever life throws your way so you can move forward living a life full of abundance and love.

Just imagine how nice it will be, to be free to be yourself, to enjoy the happiness and inner peace of moving beyond just surviving…and into thriving.

Picture the huge smile you’ll have on your face, when you’re in that better place, standing strong on your own two feet, able to do the things you want to do, and having the money to pay for them…enough even to help others out.

What will you do when struggling is a thing of the past? Will you take that long over-due vacation, soaking up the sun while you relax to the sound of the crashing waves? Perhaps enjoy the lush green canopy of trees just outside of your cabin in the woods? Or maybe just spending a long weekend in a comfy bed, whispering your most secret desires to that special someone…

Can you feel how energized you’ll be, when you have that certainty of self, and that overflowing abundance? And just how magnetic you’ll be, to your friends, your family, your love…

How vibrantly alive and confident you’ll be when you’re radiantly healthy again…feeling like you’re high school aged, fit and free from stress…

When you make this wise decision, you will…

In our first group meeting, we’ll get an aerial view of the process, and then we’ll dive into the “feels” part of the equation. If you’re at a crossroads in life, you’re probably dealing with some emotional issues, things that have you feeling like you’re spun out, being pulled sixteen different directions at once. I have just the medicine for you…techniques that will help you breathe right through the despair, the pain, the anger, the sense of betrayal…so you can take the bull by the horns and get down to crafting the life you deserve.

You’ll walk away from this hour feeling like the weight of the world has been lifted right from your weary shoulders…heart mended, fog lifted, like your whole life has been purified.

Our next meeting, we’ll start diving into the nuts and bolts, all the step by step planning you’ll need to make for your particular situation. You’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of where your mindset needs to be, what habits you’ll need to start changing or adopting, where you need to put your focus to get the most rapid results and who you’ll need to start forging relationships with…the experts, colleagues, friends and perhaps partners that will give you the quick boost and support group you need to insure your success.

Now, we’ll drill down even further, starting to prioritize things, and set up actual time tables, set measurable goals and benchmarks so you can check in on yourself and see how you’re progress is going. At the end of this session, I’ll run a survey so that Week #4 will be tailored to what you need answers to the most to make this a stunning success for you.

In our final Zoom meeting, I’ll take the survey results and address all the questions, help you fix whatever snags you stumble onto, and wrap this up so you feel confident and energized to get your reinvention process well underway.

Here’s a break-down of the full contents of our exclusive landing page training course.

There’s no hard sell here. You know yourself. You know your life. And you’re probably far more aware of where you’re “at” and how much time you’ve likely got to make or break it. If you want to better your life, you’ll find a way, and if you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.

So, if you want this Reinvention experience, and to learn this process so that you can repeat it again and again, as you need to throughout the rest of your life…then,
perhaps this is the one you want.

If it is…then please, honor yourself, and sign up.

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Click here to get ReinventionMastery — Taming The World at discounted price while it’s still available…

ReinventionMastery — Taming The World is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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