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Are You Doing Abs Exercises The Right Way?

abs exercises

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Ab exercises are not the answer to ripped abs. We are constantly bombarded with ads that promote ab exercises and machines, each claiming to be the answer to getting six pack abs. Achieving six pack abs, we need to look at our overall exercise activity to increase our overall metabolism and monitor our diet.

By monitoring the caloric intake of the food we eat and increasing our energy expenditure so that it’s greater than our intake, our body will find other sources of energy. As a result, the body will utilize and burn the excess fat to fuel our activities.

Doing multi-joint exercises and resistance training increases our metabolism. We increase our lean body mass as a result of the increased training. When this occurs, our muscles increase their metabolic activity and require more fuel to burn.

Interval training affects our anaerobic system, where our body needs to adapt to the increased demands of the exercise. The muscles develop and become explosive and very reactive. As a result, the body’s metabolism increases to help fuel the activity. Studies have shown that the body’s metabolic activity lasts for several hours after the exercise session.

Our diet is also something we need to consider. Eating quality foods made up of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals and fats, will enhance our energy levels and help our body to burn those foods for energy.

Increasing the number of meals we eat throughout the day helps to maintain our energy levels. Eating smaller portion meals in addition to eating more often, will help us maintain our energy and blood sugar levels, so we are better able to fuel our increased activities.

Increasing our energy expenditure and at the same time monitoring and decreasing our food intake, we can help our body to use the excess fat that we have as a fuel source.

Ab exercises are not the answer. Understanding that we need to increase our exercise activity and monitoring our diet, we can achieve ripped abs. Making adjustments and committing to changing our lifestyle is the key to achieving ripped abs.

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