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Fat Burning Furnace Review

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Hi, welcome to my short review of  The Fat Burning Furnace.

If you already know what this product is, then why not head on over to the official website and pick up a copy?

What Is The Fat Burning Furnace?

Still with me, ok, great, lets dive in. This program has been created by Rob Poulos who developed it while trying to lose 42 lbs and 10 inches off his belly by spending just 45 minutes a week working at it! That’s right, 45 minutes – not hours!! The awesome thing is, it also helped his wife, Kalen, lose 59 lbs and drop 8 dress sizes while still being able to enjoy yummy yet fat burning foods all day. That’s why the author can confidently state that this program is just as effective for women as it is for men.

The Fat Burning Furnace is a guide That teaches you how to burn fat, lose weight, build muscle, and improve your overall health effectively and efficiently.

If you want to, you can check out the short video below which shows the sign up process in full. Once you have signed up, you get immediate access, so lets take a look at whats actually in Fat Burning Furnace.

First of all, you need to appreciate that this is a comprehensive e-book with a whole lot of great information in it – a total of 162 pages in fact, so its a serious read.

The first thing the book does is cover the personal story by Rob Poulos (Page 5 – 6). It describes how he started on his journey to find the best techniques behind for getting his body into the best shape while investing the least amount of time. It also uncovers how he experimented with many different ways to lose weight, burn fat,and build muscle and, then, after years of trial and error, he eventually discovered techniques that he teaches us in the guide. It covers how to make use of own body’s ability to burn fat while spending only a minimal amount of time exercising each day.

These techniques can also, of course, help you to achieve an overall sense of well-being by keeping your lifestyle healthy.

Whats In It?

The Fat Burning Furnace has 2 main parts, one covering the exercise program and the other on food choices and nutrition.

The main principle behind it is to increase your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) as this will result in your body burning more calories each day.

One interesting section I would like to share with you in the exercise program is that it explains why cardiovascular exercise does not help to burn fat and how it can even worsen your health (Page 28 – 29). In fact,  it can even lead to injury in the long term and reduce your muscle mass. Because of this , the next thing that the guide shares are the kinds of exercises that bring the biggest benefits  (Page 31). for example, The Fat Burning Furnace recommends resistance training that will raise your RMR,help build muscle, and even improve your health.

There’s a complete section that actually describes the different exercises in great detail with accurate and easy to follow diagrams.

It gives you 2 tables comprising of compound and isolation exercises and the muscles that are worked for each exercise(Page 47 – 49).You can refer to these 2 tables to develop exercises for your own routines.

The pages after that describe each exercise in detail with photos of Rob doing it.

This is a really good point as you will know exactly how to perform them.

Are There Any Extras?

Also included in the book are four workout plans – a beginner’s “break in” routine for people new to resistance training or have not exercised in ages, and one routine each for people with beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of experience.

It tells you the type of exercise,body part worked as well as number of sets and reps required and even provides guidelines on performing the routine.

As for the nutrition and food choices part of the book, I would like to share with you a very important piece of advice that Rob gave (Page108).

He tells you that your body craves micro-nutrients resulting in hunger.

If you eat foods rich in nutrients, you give your body what it wants and you get satisfied hunger.

Hence, it is vitally important to eat the correct foods.

Another thing I would like to share with you is the section on why you should have small meals throughout the day instead of waiting too long between meals (Page 123).

It tells you what the outcome is when the time between meals is too long and the benefits of small meals (Page 124).

Final Thoughts

Fat Burning Furnace still has lots of useful information and I would leave you to explore those sections on your own.

If you are interested,you can visit the official website and do some research before making your own conclusion.

I wish you all the best of luck in getting your ideal body and maintaining it.

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