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Weight Loss Tips Which Promise Real Results

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One of the sad facts of life is that weight gain is easy. It is the weight loss which will become a struggle.

Consider eating foods rich in carbohydrates even for a week and see the pounds just pile up. Try to lose that same weight over the same period and you will be frustrated. Considering this, you know you have to be firm in your resolve to lose those unwanted pounds and keep them off permanently. This is perhaps why you should do away with fad diets or weight loss supplements as they will only offer temporary results.

So how do you go about your weight loss?

It is simple. All it takes is to find a strategy which does not only works but is also easy to stick to. Consider the following effective and proven tricks:

Trick #1: Cut Meal Portions Let us face it. It is nearly impossible to not eat the foods you love. So instead of not eating them, you only need to reduce your portions. By doing so, you are reducing the amount of calories you consume, which is what matters most. In general, women should consume not less than 1200 per day while men around 1,500. With diet and exercise, you can lose as much as 2 lbs. per week and this can still be considered healthy. Of course, factors to consider include your age, height, present weight, activity level and gender. To find out your ideal calorie intake as well as weight, simply log on to any online health and fitness sites. While you are at it, you should also check out the calorie content of different foods.

Trick #2: Say Goodbye to Junk Food You would be surprised at how easy it is to lose weight when you decide to do away with junk food from your diet. They are usually high in saturated fat and contain preservatives which are never a good thing. Instead of loading up on cakes and other sweets, consider stocking up on fresh vegetables and fruits. They will be more beneficial in the long term and not only in terms of weight loss but also your general health.

Trick #3: Eat Frequently Another strategy to keeping off the weight is to increase your meals from three times daily to at least five or six. Of course, the portions are smaller compared to what you usually consume during a regular meal. By eating frequently, you keep your metabolism active and you lessen food cravings.

Trick#4: Be Active A sure-fire way to weight loss is to constantly keep moving. Having an active lifestyle guarantees burning of calories and you will be surprised at what 30 minutes of walking a day can do for you. Engage in activities you love such as swimming or hiking in order to burn calories without really feeling like it is hard work. If you like, you can always ask a friend to go with you so you can chat away and have some fun while doing your exercises. Go to the gym or buy work out videos so you can exercise at home. In any case, you will hit your target weight goals in no time at all.

Trick #5: Drink Plenty of Water Instead of loading up on colas and other flavoured beverages, you might want to drink water all throughout the day. Water, as you know, does not contain any calories and can also be filling. You can drink as much as three litres of water if you are a woman and four litres if you are a man.

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