Top 10 Soap Dispensers for 2020

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Soap dispensers are vary convenient bathroom accessories that are used to hold liquid soap or sanitizers for easier dispensing. They are normally placed next to a hand wash sink or bathroom and help to prevent the messy soap scum buildup that you get from traditional soap bars. They are also more hygienic because you dont come into contact with soap that has already been touched by someone else. Many also come is sleek, beautiful designs, which add a look of elegance to your kitchen or bathroom. With so many soap dispenser models and designs on the market, the process of choosing the best product may not be an easy one but we have you covered with our top 10 best soap dispensers for 2020.

How to Select the Best Soap Dispenser

When buying your soap dispenser, there are some things you should consider. First, you should to look for a dispenser with adequate capacity ie. it should be big enough to suit your needs. The device must be easy to use and, these days, we recommend trying to find one that automatically dispenses the soap as they are cleaner and not much more expensive that manually operated ones, The automatic dispensers tend to be preferred by more people since as they allow for hassle-free use without messing up the area where they are placed. You also need one that allows you to easily see the level of liquid soap for easier refilling. It should be made of strong, durable  material and be easy to clean.

A Look at Reviews

There are differently types of soap dispensers currently on the market. To find the best one, you may need to look at the bestselling or top rated dispensers on well-known sites such as Amazon. From here, you will discover the best ones which have the most positive reviews from customers. Such reviews can help you get the best unit to buy. Here are the ones that we recommend:

TOP PICK: Simplehuman Sensor Pump

This is the best soap dispenser based on the online reviews we found. The unit features a no-drip silicon valve, which helps to prevent messy drips and its unique gear design combined with a high-efficiency pump which is specially engineered to dispense soap quickly and consistently mean that it comes out top of the pile for looks and functionality. The easy-access control buttons allow for instant volume adjustment but, best of all, it is very energy efficient unit being powered by just four alkaline AA batteries. The unit has been designed to allow for automatic, touch-free soap dispensing and its finished in a high gloss chrome finish to look great in any bathroom or washroom.

2. InterDesign’s York-Glass Soap Pump

If you love elegance and great visual designs, this is the product to purchase. It is a compact soap dispenser with a stylish design. The unit features a glass recipient with a nice brushed nickel pump. The glass, which has a frosted texture is normally round in shape. The item can accommodate fourteen ounces of liquid soap or lotion and you can comfortably use it in your bathroom or kitchen.

3. Umbra-Otto Automatic Soap Dispenser

This is an ultra-modern soap dispenser model with black accents, an aluminum body and curved lines. The unit uses 4-AAA batteries, which are not normally included in the package. The device has a 9-fluid ounces (266 ml) capacity and has a front-window, which shows the liquid level. You can use it for both soap or hand sanitizers. This hands-free automatic soap dispenser reduces the spread of germs and conserves soap.

4. Inter-Design Olivia Soap Pump

This is another excellent product, which comes with a great built quality and premium design. The product has a very classic look with a durable construction and is quite easy to clean. It normally comes in the dark-brown color and is recommended for use with soap only. The product features an elegant finished steel design that will add style to the kitchen or bathroom. Its non-slip base helps to ensure that it is securely placed.

5. The OXO Easy-Press Stainless-Steel Soap Dispenser

This is another very unique soap dispenser that features a good capacity soap recipient with an easy-to-use pump, which can be operated using a single hand. The soap recipient is made from a durable polycarbonate, which is normally covered with the brushed aluminum. Moreover, its clear base enables you to see the amount of soap left in the unit before refilling it. Its capacity is normally limited to 15-ounces. The non-slip top and button that makes it extremely easy to squirt the soap or lotion, while the extended spout dispenses the liquid soap directly into the sink or onto a sponge with ease. In addition, the brushed stainless-steel body has a non-slip foot, which helps to keep it stable during use.

6. iCooker Soap Dispenser

This is another excellent product from iCooker. It a very simple cylindrical soap dispenser that comes at a very affordable price. This automatic dispenser uses regular AAA batteries, which help to power its sensors that activates the pump when you place your hand close to it. This enables it to dispense soap the moment you place the hands near the nozzle. Moreover, it is extremely convenient and saves both time and money, thanks to the touch-less mechanism that it uses. The device is made of stainless-steel and boasts of an easy to use design with a solid construction.

7. Umbra Step-Soap Pump

This is the best dispenser for individuals who require something with a great design but with a traditional pump. It comes with a brushed metal pump and a ceramic soap recipient. Moreover, the model holds 13-ounces of liquid soap at maximum capacity. The step detail at the bottom elevates it above the surface. It is normally availed in 5 unique colors, which allows you to match it with the theme of your bathroom.

8. The Attmu Soap Dispenser

This dispenser will be an excellent addition to your bathrooms. The model features a stainless steel pump and a tall design that has a frosted plastic recipient to store liquid soap. It has a 13-liquid ounces maximum capacity and is quite easy to refill and use. It is a well-built budget friendly model with an elegant design. Its all-metal construction, with a plastic soap-reservoir is strong and durable. Moreover, the device is corrosion-resistance and acid-resistance.

9. Inter-Design Twigz Bath-Soap Pump

This soap dispenser is meant for people who enjoy vintage decorations. The device comes with a nice ceramic recipient and a metal stand. Its metallic pump is painted in brown color. Moreover, its 13-ounces capacity is very easy to refill. It is an affordable dispenser with great looks, thanks to the elegant leaf and twig design. It is also a durable metal-built unit that includes a removable insert. The pump features the glass pump, resting in a bronze-finished wire caddy.

10. Inter-Design Gia Soap Pump

This soap dispenser is an excellent choice for individuals who like the modern minimalistic home decorations. The product has a brushed nickel finish with the large 12-oz capacity. The pump is very easy to unscrew & refill the tank. Its modern design enables it to work with different types of bathroom designs, while its sleek modern design is great for smaller spaces. The product will give your bathroom an instant upgrade.


Conclusion: Soap dispensers are very important units that help to enhance your hygiene as they help to hold and dispense the soap whenever you need it. They are basically divided into the automatic and manual categories. The main difference is in their price and design. To have the best hand- or dish-washing experience, you need quality unit that is convenient and easy to use. If you need a quality dispenser with numerous advanced features, the above soap dispenser reviews can help you choose the best dispenser unit.


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