Top 10 Smoke Detectors For 2020

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Smoke detectors are one of the most important safety accessories you can buy for your home. They are designed to detect smoke buildup and sound a warning alarm for occupants to enable them to take safety precautions – in some cases saving lives in the process. Some smoke detectors can even connected to other compatible devices such as bells, repeaters, horns and door closers to enhance their effectiveness as safety tools. When looking for the best smoke detector, it is advisable to opt for a reliable unit which can accurately detect any smoke build up and sound the alarm early enough – after all, your life may depend on it! The unit should be easy to install and not prone to nuisance alarms as the result of normal kitchen smoke or bathroom steam. It should be able to work even during power outages. So, we have compiled our top ten best smoke detectors based on 2020 customer reviews:

TOP PICK: First Alert 9120B6CP 120 V Wire-In Smoke Alarm with Battery Backup (6-Pack)

This is the best smoke detector based on the latest customer reviews reviews. It is a high performance unit which installs faster, performs better and is very smart. Moreover, the large opening in its mounting bracket allows for easier access to its wiring, while the battery can easily be installed or removed even when the unit is mounted. It is designed to minimize nuisance alarms, hence saving you both time and money. The package includes six smoke detectors with the wiring harness and dust covers.

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2. The X-Sense DS-22 Battery Powered Home-Smoke Detector Fire Alarm, with a Photoelectric Sensor

This is a reliable smoke detector which uses a sensitive photoelectric sensor to detect smoke before the onset of harmful flames and heat. Its 85 decibel alarm provides a loud warning sound for occupants to escape early enough. The unit features a red LED indicator, which flashes after every 40 seconds to indicate that the detector is operational. It normally comes with a replaceable alkaline battery with a 3-year lifespan when in the standby mode. It is also very easy to install.

3. The First Alert SA-710-CN Smoke Alarm, with a Photoelectric Sensor

This is an advanced smoke detector, which uses the environmentally friendly photoelectric sensing technology. This helps in minimizing nuisance alarms that may result from the shower steam or cooking smoke. The technology normally detects those smoke particles that are produced by smoldering fires. It also features the low-battery alert, which reminds you when you should change the battery. It also has the missing battery-guard, which helps to ensure that the battery is properly placed in the alarm. Moreover, the detector can easily be mounted on the wall or ceiling.

4. Kidde KNCOSM-BA Battery-Operated Combination Carbon-Monoxide & Smoke Alarm with the Talking Alarm

This is a high-performance, battery-operated smoke and carbon monoxide alarm, which combines two very important safety devices into one single unit. The alarm features a voice-warming system, which makes announcements for carbon monoxide, fire, low battery and smart hush activation. The advanced voice alarm system eliminates any confusion during emergencies. It uses the ionization-sensing technology, which can detect invisible fire particles with ease. The unit comes with three AA batteries, hence will function even during power outages.

5. Kidde i-12040 120V AC Wire-In Smoke Alarm, with Battery Back-up & Smart Hush

This is a responsive smoke detector, which can work in an interconnected system or function as one single unit. It is a 120-volt AC-powered ionization smoke alarm, which comes with a 9 volts back-up and the hush feature to enable you silence nuisance alarms. Moreover, the LED-indicator and test feature allows you to confirm if the alarm is working well. It also has the temper-resistant feature to prevent theft and vandalism.

6. The First Alert SCO-5-CN Battery-Operated Combination Carbon-Monoxide/Smoke Alarm

This is an advanced smoke and carbon monoxide detector, which features the accurate electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor to detect any carbon monoxide emissions. The unit uses the environmentally-friendly photoelectric smoke sensing technology. This helps in reducing nuisance alarms, which makes it ideal for cooking areas. It normally comes with two AA batteries and has a mute function to reduce the nuisances.

7. The Micro Photoelectric Smoke Alarm from First Alert

This is another popular and ecofriendly smoke detector which features a compact yet stylish design. The unit has a very advanced smoke entry system that has a photoelectric sensor, which can detect regular, slow and smoldering fires while reducing cases of false alarms. When there is a fire, you will hear a loud alarm, with a repeating horn pattern, which is accompanied by a LED flashing light.

8. BRK Brands 7010-B Hardwire Smoke Alarm, with a Photoelectric Sensor & Battery Backup

This is a 120V smoke detector that features a photoelectric sensor. This is quite effective when it comes to detecting smoldering fires, which smolder for several hours before bursting into flames. The unit can easily be interconnected with twelve other compatible smoke alarms as well as six compatible devices such as bells, repeaters, horns and door closers. When one unit triggers an alarm, all the other units in that series will also sound.

9. BRK Brands 9120-B Hardwired Smoke Alarm, with Battery Backup

This is a revolutionary smoke detector that is designed to install faster and perform better. The unit features an ionization sensor, which helps in detecting fast-flaming fires. It can be interconnected with up 18 different compatible devices. Moreover, the unit uses smart technology to minimize nuisances, while the 9V battery backup ensures that it functions even during power outages.

10. First Alert SA-302-CN Double-Sensor Battery Powered Smoke & Fire Alarm

This advanced double-sensor smoke and fire alarm is designed to detect smoke particles that are caused by flaming as well as moldering fires. Moreover, for convenience purposes, you can remotely mute false alarms using a remote control unit without compromising its functionality. The detector uses ionization as well as photoelectric sensors to give the earliest warning for different types of fires. It reliable construction and loud alarm gives you peace of mind as you will be able to detect harmful fires at the initial stages.

With so many smoke detectors on the market, the task of choosing the best one can be a hard one. However, the above smoke detector reviews can assist you to easily choose the best unit to purchase.


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