The Lost Ways Review – Preppers Take Note!

9.5Expert Score
The Lost Ways? Any Good?

It may be one of the best selling prepper guides online but does The Lost Ways live up to its reputation?

  • Value for money, comes with several extras
  • Detailed guides and practical applications
  • Covers what to grow
  • Very comprehensive, covers medicine to food to shelter
  • Offers a money-back guarantee.
  • Its a big read - an audiobook would have been a great addition
  • Covers a lot of peripheral material - sometimes clouding the Grade A content
  • The Hard copy is bulky

Hello my name is Patrick and in this short article I will share my review of the eBook The Lost Ways.

When I first looked at the sales page for this product I got the distinct impression that it’s meant to be a survival guide for when the apocalypse comes.

Well, to be honest it won’t make you a survival guru, nor will it provide you with the necessary skills to survive simply because you lack practice and experience.

However Claude Davis, the author, has produced an excellent e-book that makes a lot of good points.

First of all, as he rightly says, we rely too much on today’s technology and we take too many things for granted.

Think about electricity, transportation, communications and education.

If our electricity supply is disrupted for any reason we’ll, basically,  go back a few centuries in our development.

And that’s exactly the kind of scenario that is covered in this book. Claude Davis has put all the knowledge that has been passing from father to son for generations in one handy and very accessible place – The Lost Ways. He introduces some of the most important techniques and survival tips you need to know in order to survive without any technology.

Things like gathering and preparing food, hunting, collection of herbs and plants you can use when you’re sick.

Of course these are just a few of them it’ll take me all day long to cover completely whats in this very comprehensive 350 page guide.

Instead you can check it yourself – just click this link to visit the official website

On thing I thought is that the techniques and methods by themselves are actually nothing special and at first they sound like simple common sense. You’ll probably be finding you say “Hey I knew that!” but when you dig into the guide there is a lot of stuff that even the most ardent survivalist would probably not know.

Most of the techniques are available on the web if you care try and find them but you need to spend lots of time searching and structuring the information. And, of course, there’s plenty of unique information that  I wasn’t able to find since its simply not documented anywhere.

Its just that that preppers and survival experts have used them for many years but, basically, not taken the time to write them down.

Now, lets get to the bad stuff. The main thing I don’t like about the book is the price.

Don’t get me wrong.

I love the book and I recommended it to my father because he is also interested in this kind of stuff but I honestly think it’s a bit overpriced.

At the time when I bought the guide it was $47 which I think is a bit too much for an e-product.

In my opinion, $25-$35 dollars would be a more suitable price for it.

But still I’m happy with my purchase. In fact, I ordered the hardcover so that I can reference the book at any time – handy for when the power goes off folks 😉

So, there you are – a quick overview of a great survival product  I hope that my review will be useful.

Now head on over to the official website and pick up your copy before its too late.