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Hello and welcome, my name is Dawn Keogh and I’m going to show you how you can work with an ancient system to enhance your life today.

I’ve mastered several systems and have divination over the past 20 years and I’m honored to be your guide as you discover the meaning behind the patterns that are appearing in your life, both those in the past you may not have noticed and those in your present that are becoming so obvious that you can’t ignore them any longer.

Since ancient times there’s always been some of us who feel there must be some greater connection between nature, the universe and the patterns surrounding us. In fact the earliest recorded studies have this connection date back over 4,000 years.

What are they – numerological texts written on the back of a turtle shell!

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The exploration of this connection to nature has only become stronger in this age of information and those of us who’ve been studying and applying these ancient systems for decades to improve our own lives are now finding that more and more people around the world are looking to us for help.

The fact that you’re here is a wonderful thing because if you’re seeking a more meaningful life in with your own sacred nature then there have lots of resources for you there so let’s start with a few facts about what numerology is and then I’ll show you how we use its power to enlighten our lives and the lives of those we’re lucky enough to share them with.

Numerology is defined as the ancient mathematical system that deals with the significance of numbers and how the vibrational patterns contained within the numbers can influence your life and your future.

But what exactly does this mean? Well,  in order for you to understand how numbers show up in and affect your life and how the vibrational frequencies which numbers represent can affect our real-world it would be useful to see numbers and frequencies in action.

If you watch this video just above and think about the fact that the Earth, the stars and all things in life including you are constantly putting out their own frequency at all times. Until recently the relationship between these frequencies in our real-world has been difficult for most people to understand – and believe – since they couldn’t see it with their own eyes.

But you can see in this remarkable video that when a specific number’s frequency is transmitted using sound across a metal plate something amazing happens to the sand. Then, when a different number’s frequency is applied, the patterns in the sand change into more and more intricate designs, more intricate and perfectly created patterns.

Check it out! Its’ incredible but the video makes it very clear that vibrations in numbers not only play an important role in your life but they are actually the defining role for order and structure in our very universe. You see we all come into this world with a mission. Now, for some it seems things come easily and they appear to effortlessly flow through life but for others we get lost along the way. Simply put, our vibration is not in alignment with the vibrational Earth, the stars and our secret selves and we end up not really doing what we came here to do.

Like the sand on the metal plates we bounce around trying to find where in this grand picture we’re supposed to be.

But here’s the good news: once you can start to decode those little things that are trying to show themselves to you, your life can start to flow more effortlessly and that’s when numerology goes from a study of numbers to an understanding.

You’ll find that all areas of your life just feel easier and more on purpose and that’s why I’m here – many things have led up to me being in front of you today and I could not be happier than to be your guide here.

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