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Product Name: Kenoxis

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Kenoxis is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.


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Blocks viruses & spyware.

Lets a friend help remotely if you have trouble

Secures online banking and purchases

Lets you surf risky websites

Runs risky programs safely

Keeps your programs updated automatically

Lets you access your PC from remote locations

Can securely wipe your hard drive when needed

We have the pleasure to introduce our company as Kenoxis Technologies Pvt. Ltd. We would like to take this opportunity of briefly introducing our Company, which is a well established organization for the past 4 years with almost more than 30 members of dedicated & committed team , Our business transactions being carried out globally. The company deals with a varied range of IT, Electronic Products&Services.

The potential presence & Business Strength that has been earned by our organization today, is due to the professionally equipped and able staff, who have a varied experience of the Global market and good knowledge of serving the customers to their satisfaction. This is further enhanced by the innovative ideas of the management, who strive from time to time in creating awareness and keeping the company at par to the latest development of today’s world.

Kenoxis Technologies worked with foreign partners for a long time and has implemented and embedded projects for Europe and America. Projects of different nature were developed but the main focus gradually moved to developing of software in antivirus decisions sphere. Thus the idea of creating a national Indian antivirus has appeared. The idea was supported by many people and thus our team formed. So in April 06, 2009 our kenoxis Team was formed . This is the team which created kenoxis project. The project has repeatedly changed since its inception, its course and priorities changed, and command changed too, but the strategic directions of kenoxis project always remained constant. These directions determine the development of Kenoxis.

All of our products begin in the minds of these people. It is here the concept of our new software solutions and improving existing ones appears. Ideas are their main tool.

There are rumors that programmers are not sociable and harsh. But it is not about us. Our programmers are the owners of the best smiles of our team.

We have the most tolerant support service in the world. Consultation line on working with our product works 24/7/365.

This department deals with indicating mistakes of our developers on. Nobody likes them, but for the sake of our users all can be endured.

This is our unique department, where not only people work but also … robots. They do not ask for salary thus work more than any men.

The company considered to be bad if it does not want to conquer the whole world. So, this department actively conquering spaces of global business.

This department generates a friendly image of our brand. If you have heard, seen or read about us this people knowingly eat their own bread.

Their work cannot be left invisible, because the site where you are now and where you can download our products is the case of their hands and head.

This people ensure that all departments are working and reaching the assigned results. They receive universal love from our team for paying salaries monthly.

How to extend the license for Kenoxis Internet Security?

You can extend your license for kenoxis Internet Security for 1 year under special conditions! Continuation of existing licenses is carried considering to discount of the cost of purchase: 60% of the basic price of 159 USD. and 10% of promotional prices (for users who purchased a license in the promotion period). To extend your license you should simply contact us and our consultants will promptly provide you with all necessary assistance

How to recover lost license of Kenoxis Internet Security?

To restore your license in the case of loss, you must contact us in any convenient way: to write or call, and we provide you with your personal license and all necessary information during 2 – 3 hour.

Can I use Kenoxis Internet Security with Kenoxis Antivirus simultaneously?

No, it is not advisable! Antivirus software package Kenoxis Internet Security includes all antivirus functionality now (including other modules) and parallel operation of two antivirus programs (including the above) on one computer may lead to failures.

What is the difference between Kenoxis Internet Security and Kenoxis Antivirus programs?

Program icon is red: what does it mean?

If the icon of Kenoxis software solution, which is installed on your computer, became red color, it indicates that the program requires active measures from the user. It may indicate the location of active threats on your PC and action from you, outdated databases and the need to update other important messages

How to get support as quickly as possible?

We try to provide our users with answers to their questions and solving problems as soon as possible, but very often a lot of time is spent on how to get all the necessary information to understand the user`s problem.

Therefore, sending us queries specify please the next list:
The version of the operating system (can be found on the “About Windows” of any standard software (eg, Explorer, Notepad)
Version of Kenoxis Antivirus (written on the page “Update” of the main window of the product)
All the steps that led to the appearance of your problem
If there is inappropriate behavior, adds screenshot that can illustrate the problem
Information about changes in the system that have occurred recently – installing and uninstalling programs, installation of additional equipment, changing Windows settings or other.

If you are reporting a false triggering of Antivirus, along with information about the program to which the file belongs, add the file to the letter (back it up with a password to prevent its loss during transmission) and type the full name of the virus.
If you are reporting problems with the treatment of viruses or product updates, be sure to add to the letter all the files from C: Documents And Settings All Users Application Data Kenoxis Antivirus Logs (for Windows XP) or C: Users All Users kenoxis Antivirus (for Windows Vista or Windows 7, Windows 8 (x32, x64))

Why is Kenoxis Antivirus free?

The company offers Kenoxis Antivirus free to all home users. The software has full functionality, update databases and customer support. And all these functions are usually available to the owners of subscriptions.

We work with corporate customers offering a full range of services to implement security systems. Cooperation with the home user gives us the opportunity to receive feedback and continuously improve the product. We strive to provide our consumers with a modern, high-quality and reliable software

Why kenoxis Antivirus does not work with other antivirus?

There are several reasons that restrict the use of multiple antivirus solutions on the same computer:
Antivirus programs are turning to the same system files while you work. Simultaneous appeal to system resources can cause conflict or failure.

Some antivirus products offer scanning services in real time. This scan requires system resources. You can suffer from significant weakening of computer performance.

Therefore usage of other antivirus products if you are already using Kenoxis! Antivirus is not recommended.

What are the system requirements of Kenoxis Antivirus?

Frequency of the processor: 1 GHz or higher
RAM: 512 MB or more
Hard disk space: 80 MB
Operating system: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 (x32, x64)

Is there a risk of conflicts between Kenoxis Antivirus and other software?

Careful Kenoxis before starting tests proved that Kenoxis Antivirus eliminates the possibility of conflicts with other software solutions. Kenoxis does not require consuming of disk space and system resources and provides a comfortable work of the user.
Do not use any other antivirus products if you are already using Kenoxis Antivirus. All the reasons explained in section “Common Questions”.

Why should I use automatic updates?

Regular updating of program modules and antivirus database is necessary for the effective functioning of the product. Old antivirus programs are ineffective.

Kenoxis Antivirus automatically updates the database and the default program. We do not recommend turning off this feature. If for any reason you need to disable these settings, return them to their original condition at the earliest opportunity

Kenoxis Antivirus informs me when upgrade process is completed. Is it possible to shut down this function?

You need to access the Settings menu and disable the update notification.

How often are antivirus updates?

Typically, antivirus updates 1-2 times a day. Developers Antivirus quickly reacts to new threats, update antivirus database and database of malware. In the case of epidemics Kenoxis. Kenoxis team prepares updates in accelerated mode to protect the user.

Bases for Kenoxis! Antivirus 1.1.x
Download Database: Kenoxispro.exe ()
Version bases: from

In the absence of database updates directly from Kenoxis Antivirus, you can use an alternative way to upgrade. For this you need a portable storage media (CD-RW, USB Flash, USB HDD) and a computer with Internet access.

You need to do the following:

Download the installation file, which is here
Download the installation file, which is here
Move the file to a computer with installed Kenoxis! Antivirus
Run the installation file
Observe installation wizard

Antivirus database can be updated several times a day, so for the safety of your computer we recommend to perform offline updates at least every few days!

Guard is a tracking system in real-time, detecting viruses and other malicious programs that trying to get through your email, operating system or files, tracks running processes, effectively blocks and removes threats “on fly”, provides for prevention of infection.

By default, the Guard is automatically enabled on every boot product. This is a very important component of protection and we do not recommend turning off this feature. If for any reason you need to disable the sentry, activate it again at the first opportunity.

Kenoxis Antivirus changed the status to “red.” What should I do?

Kenoxis Antivirus automatically tracks if all modules that are responsible for safety are on. In case the critical modules are disabled antivirus inform the user. You need only to follow tips and instructions offered by the program

Why do I need scanning during limited hours?

Scanning during limited hours is necessary to periodically check your computer for malware. This is a very important procedure which should not be neglected. Kenoxis Antivirus allows you to automatically scan during user-friendly time. We recommend you to carry out a full system scan at least once a week. In case of suspicion of the virus to the computer use the quick scan

How to determine what actions are necessary to carry out during the detection of threats (treat Quarantine Delete)?

Kenoxis Antivirus has built-in algorithm of analysis which identify threats and determine the optimal action. You can manually change the antivirus response to a particular object, if you are unsure of your actions. Otherwise, we recommend doing actions offering by the program

Do I have to scan the computer every day?

Guard Function (check system in real time) provides basic protection, but it is necessary to make regular scanning. We recommend you to carry out a full system scan at least once a week. Set an automatic start of full scan to avoid forgetting of this important transaction. In case of suspicion of the virus to your computer, for example, after visiting suspicious sites or when a system behaves correctly, use the quick scan. If you do not use the Guard function you need to run scans as often as possible.

Can the virus penetrate the computer along with the mail message?

This option completely excluded if Kenoxis Antivirus configured to check your mail. By default, this feature is enabled. To check the status of an e-mail check, go to the Tools menu

Why cannot I delete a virus?

This situation is indeed possible in the case when to remove the virus you must to restart your computer. If you restart the computer and the problem still exists, please seek for help from a customer support representative.

How to cancel the automatic start of the program after reboot?

To cancel the automatic start of the program after reboot, go to Settings and remove the appropriate checkbox.
We recommend not to disable automatic programs startup. Kenoxis Antivirus can ensure adequate protection only with constant use of program.

Why do we need additional tools?

Additional tools such as Task Manager and Startup Manager expand the functionality of the program and help the user to better control processes in the system. Task Manager is required for observation of the applications that currently running on your computer. With Startup Manager you can view information about the programs that are automatically loaded when you start Windows

1639 Western Park CT Dallas TX,75211, USA

Toll free: 1-800-947-3145

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Click here to get Kenoxis at discounted price while it’s still available…

Kenoxis is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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