How To Create Passive Income – CB Passive Income Review 2017

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Make Money From Home?

There are lots of ways to make money from home these days and lots of advice telling you how to do it. But which methods really work? Version 4 of CB Passive Income has recently been released, lets take a look if it solves this tricky problem.

  • Quick entry into a tricky market
  • No hosting, content, website required
  • Ready made promotional methods
  • Easy affiliate commissions
  • You need to do legwork and research to find new customers
  • Ongoing membership fee
  • You don't build your own subscriber list
  • You don't have your own product

In this review I’m going to be discussing one of the hottest new marketing products on the net  CB passive income. This is going to be a full review & I’m going to let you know exactly what’s inside. By explaining what the course is about you should be able to make your own decision about whether you would like to purchase it or not.

Ok, lets get started

CB passive income is basically an online marketing course. It’s going to teach you how to make money online. Now why would you like to learn how to make money online?

Well, according to some major studies carried out recently, the digital marketing industry has grown every year since its birth. Ask yourself this, is $62 billion dollars  a market you would like a piece of? Well, the author, Patrick Chan – has been making tons of money online and now he has decided to share his secrets with you.


So why not learn from someone who’s already making the amount that you would like to make?

Ok, lets dive in. On the first page of the members area, the welcome page, you get a little welcome from Patrick Chan himself and then you’re going to get into the good stuff.

Here’s the running order:

Part 1 – how to make money online and all about about Clickbank

Part 2 – how to do internet marketing

Part 3 – using CB passive income as the shortcut to success.

Why is it a shortcut? Well it’s because you already have a lot of the work done for you. A lot of the email marketing is already set up so a lot of the time-consuming tasks are basically done for you.

One thing I should have explained at the start is Clickbank actually is!

In case you don’t know, Clickbank is an affiliate marketing network where you can choose to promote products and get a commission. So, let’s say for example you get a 50% commission on something then you get, literally half of the sale price. Sounds good, right. But there’s a catch because there’s a lot of marketing techniques that you have to know to make it work.

One bit where most n00bs fail is with email marketing, its one of the most difficult parts to get right and, for that reason most people don’t make as much money online as they could. Another  major problem for folks starting out is that they don’t know how to share their affiliate link to get sales and to get commissions.

What CB passive income does is make that whole sales and promotion process shorter and, at the same time, it gives you the necessary training to teach you how to get go out there and go get those sales. You have paid traffic promotion and you have free traffic promotion and the course shows you, in great detail how to get both kinds of traffic to your site.

You have tons and tons of content in the member area on how to actually start making money with Clickbank and it just goes on and on, video after video and, on top of that, you also get lots of great promotion tools. There’s also great support. Let’s say, for example, that you go through the training videos you have a couple questions that you feel are unanswered for some reason. Not a problem. Just click and register for your free live training and honestly, this is great, hook up with the authors and other members to get the advice you need. This is worth the price of the product alone, in my opinion!

The course covers both free traffic promotion and paid traffic. This is driving traffic using paid advertisements, such as FaceBook Ads or Google Adwords etc. The advantage of this is that its fast but lets say you don’t have the money for paid advertising and you would prefer to get the traffic for free. Not a problem. Its more time-consuming, but it’s way better in the long run because with free traffic you can make money for months or even years without spending a dime. The course shows you all the most up to date search engine optimization techniques to help you rank your site and make passive income.

So, let’s say, for example, that you’re promoting a product that gives you $50 commission for every sale and the product is in the weight loss niche. If you type in ‘how to lose weight on Google’ you will see that this term gets over a hundred thousand searches per month. now, if you have a webpage that contains your affiliate link and that web page ranks anywhere on page one on Google you would get a chunk of that 100,000 visitors. So, lets say that just 1% of these folks buy the product by clicking on your link – that’s 1000 sales a month at $50 a time – so that’s $50,000 every month – for free!

Wow! Still not interested in affiliate marketing?

I just want to show you one of my ClickBank accounts as a quick example.It’s a test account that I set up to test the methods in CB Passive Income and, as you can see it started off slow

Lots of zeros in there but once things hotted up, I got nearly 200 bucks one day, over 200 the next and then bam nearly five hundred bucks in just one day! Nice!

I’m not showing you this as a guarantee, but I’m showing you this so that you can see the system really does work.

So with that being said is the course of scam?

No – it’s definitely not a scam because as you can see you’re getting tons of content. It’s up to you whether you actually want to work through the training and follow the steps though. I’m not going to sit here and explain every single video and basically give the course to you but,  that being said, I do recommend the course.

I hope you like this review, and I hope it has helped you make a solid decision about how to create passive income for 2017 and beyond.