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Eat The Fat Off Review

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With all the weight loss books out there, do we really need another weight loss guide?

In this case, the answer is yes.

We’ve seen tons of weight loss books and diets ranging from keto to paleo. But we’ve never seen one quite like Eat The Fat Off.

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From the title, you may get the idea that the book is about the keto diet, but it’s not.

John Rowley, the author of this guide, delves into the eating habits of Greek residents on an island. What he noticed was that they were at a healthy weight and obesity was not an issue there.

The people were not even exercising that much. With further research, he discovered that the enzymes in the food they were eating were actually helping them shed the fat and keep it off, without their knowledge.
To the Greeks, this was just their normal meals. To John Rowley, it was the answer to preventing obesity and creating fat loss.

He then created a series of cookbooks based on the foods these people were eating and he focused on foods that increased production of the body’s fat burning enzymes.

The end result is an online bestseller that has sold thousands of copies and helped many people lose weight without struggle. The meals are tasty and nutritious. Being on this diet is beyond easy.

Let’s examine why Eat The Fat Off is so popular!

The Good Points:

1) The product is an online bestseller for a couple of years and has many positive reviews. This is social proof that the methods in Eat The Fat Off work.

2) The protocol is short (21 days) and that’s enough time for you to see some weight loss. Depending on how overweight you are, you may need to repeat this cycle a few more times to reach your ideal weight. The good news is that the protocol is easy to follow.

3) By working with the enzymes in your body, specifically the lipase-P enzyme, you’ll accelerate your weight loss. That’s exactly what this program teaches you to do.

The lipase enzymes are responsible for catalysing the hydrolysis of fats in your body. These enzymes speed up fat burning. So, eating foods that aid in producing these enzymes will positively impact your weight loss.

4) Besides just helping you to lose weight, the diet recommended in Eat The Fat Off will boost your energy, improve your gut health, reverse aging, make your skin healthier and prevent diseases like diabetes and heart disease. These are fantastic side benefits.

5) The product is comprehensive with 3 cookbooks packed with fat burning meals. You’ll be consuming similar dishes to what people on the Greek island eat, and these are tasty meals! That’s the BEST part of this program. You do not have to sacrifice taste for weight loss.

6) Unlike the keto or paleo diet, this is a much more lenient diet to follow. You’ll not struggle with it. That also means that once you lose weight, you just carry on eating these meals. They’re tasty and healthy. This is a lifestyle choice not a quick fix.

7) This program is covered by a 60-day money back guarantee. It’s risk free!

8) You have instant access to the product after purchase. That means you can implement it minutes from now.

The Bad Points:
1) You’ll need to follow the diet tips and advice in the book closely. You can’t wing it and take a haphazard approach.

2) All fat loss takes time. While the methods in this program will accelerate your weight loss, you cannot expect to lose the weight overnight. You’ll have to be patient. Within a month, you’ll see and feel the difference.

3) This product is only available online. A credit/debit card will be required to purchase it.

Should You Get It?

100% recommended!

Eat The Fat Off focuses on eating in a way that primes your body for fat loss.

While clean eating and exercise is beneficial, knowing what to eat and how it affects you is imperative. The Greeks and people in the Mediterranean eat tasty food that’s healthy – and obesity is not a problem there. They’re not fitness fanatics either.

This is proof that there’s more to weight loss than just diet and exercise.
John Rowley’s book is eye-opening and the information is on point. If you apply it, you’ll find yourself losing weight faster and easier than you ever thought possible.
And you won’t need to starve yourself or spend hours on a treadmill. It doesn’t get better than that.
Eat The Fat Off works. It truly does.

Click here to get Eat The Fat Off at a discounted price while it’s still available…

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