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Easy Battery Reconditioning Course

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So, when the power goes out you reach for your trusty flashlight only to find the batteries have died when you needed it the most. Why do batteries always seem to die just when we need them most? And, if you are like me then you probably hate the expense involved in keeping all of your tech and essential electrical items stocked with fresh ones.

Well guess what people all over the world have been busy developing some pretty neat techniques to bring nearly any type of dead battery back to life. I’ve already tried it with car, laptop and normal power cell batteries that were completely dead and now they’re just like new again!

With the information contained in this amazing course you will never have to buy new and pricey batteries every again – instead you can just recondition your old batteries and save a lot of money.

My name is Tom Erikson and in this short post I’m going to share with you my secret method for reconditioning old batteries. We all know batteries are expensive; prices keep going up and the average family is spending more and more of their hard-earned money each month on all kinds of batteries. Sound familiar?

However, keep reading and I’ll show you how to take old or dead batteries and recondition them so they’re like brand-new again.

Whats In The Course?

This easy method that I’m about to describe to you means you’ll pretty much never have to buy new batteries ever again and whats more these methods work for car batteries, computer and phone batteries rechargeable batteries, long life batteries, large batteries used an alternative energy systems like solar panel systems, deep-cycle marine batteries, golf cart batteries, forklift batteries and many other kinds of common batteries.

Some people are shocked at how simple these reconditioning methods are and how much money it saves them each year.

By using this revolutionary guide you’ll discover exactly how to get dead batteries back & how to recondition them; and it will even show you how to sell them for huge profits!

First, let me quickly introduce myself and tell you the strange way that I discovered this simple method to recondition batteries. As I mentioned, my name is Tom Erikson and I live just outside of Charleston in beautiful South Carolina with my wife and three children. Seven years ago I used to work for a golf cart company and sometimes we would get old used golf carts and the batteries would be completely dead so would have to take them out and replace them. By the end of each month would always have a huge collection of old dead batteries just lying around.

However, like clockwork, a man named frank Thompson who would come bye each month to collect these dead batteries. We used to call him the battery man and my manager had no clue why he always wanted our dead batteries. My manager was just glad to get rid of them so they were out of our way but, the following month, curiosity got the best of me when Frank showed up again and I asked him what he did with all of our old dead batteries!

Turns out he reconditioned them and sold them for a nice profit! He said how do you do that I asked they’re completely dead he just smirked and said that’s my secret sorry pal and then asked if he knew how to recondition any other kind of batteries besides dead golf cart batteries and when I asked that his eyes lit up and he proudly exclaimed I could recondition almost any kind of battery anything from car batteries to computer and phone batteries rechargeable batteries solar power batteries deep-cycle marine batteries forklift batteries plus a whole lot more

I was amazed and even a little shocked that this was possible and for the next month I couldn’t get my mind off of this. I knew he had to be making a small fortune getting old batteries from all around our town, reconditioning them and then selling them again for a big profit. Plus I really wanted to learn his reconditioning methods for two other reasons. First I know I had to buy a new car battery pretty soon but if I could just recondition one of my old dead car batteries then I could save a lot of money and second, I was just about to install a small solar panel system at my house that required quite a few expensive batteries to store all of the power my solar panels produced. I discovered though that certain types of deep cycle batteries like golf cart and marine batteries were great for solar panel systems and if I could just recondition the old dead golf cart batteries that I could get my system to work for free.

How to Save Thousands Of Dollars

I could literally save thousands of dollars when creating my solar panel systems battery bank ! So, the following month I was determined to get Frank to teach me his battery reconditioning secrets and when he came into my work again to collect our dead golf cart batteries I basically begged him to show me how he did it.  He was pretty reluctant at first but luckily Frank is a really good guy and when I explained to him that money was tight at the time and that I needed to make 2 expensive battery purchases in the next month he gave in and in the next 20 minutes he showed me exactly how to recondition several types of batteries using just a couple simple steps.

To be honest I was pretty shocked at how fast and easy it was I was thinking it was going to be something technical time-consuming or hard. Nope. Really couldn’t be easier and not just the fact that to recondition these batteries he only used a couple of inexpensive things that most people already have sitting around in their kitchen or garage.  So right after work ended that day I rushed home and got out an old dead car battery and tried the method Frank taught me for car batteries and in a matter of minutes the battery was back to life!

Then I used a second reconditioning method Frank taught me to recondition one of my old computer batteries that hadn’t charged in months. In about 10 minutes I was able to get that working like new again as well. After seeing how well these reconditioning methods worked I decided I would build my solar panel systems battery bank out of reconditioned golf cart batteries. It may sound a little strange but golf cart batteries are actually some of the best and most popular batteries you can use for a small to medium sized solar panel system because of their deep cycle properties

So, the next day I asked my boss if I could have some of our dead golf cart batteries. When I did he just looked at me a little strange and said take all you like and that night I was able to recondition these and build a small battery bank for my solar panel system with a bunch of batteries.

I got 43 of these deep cycle golf cart batteries which worked perfectly with my solar panel system. Since then I have been reconditioning and using these batteries instead of buying new expensive solar panel batteries and this has saved me thousands of dollars. And, in case you’re wondering, you can build a nearly free battery bank like this with reconditioned deep-cycle marine or golf cart batteries and other alternative energy systems as well like a residential wind turbine system. It wasn’t long after I discovered all of this than it hit me I had information that could help a lot of people and families everywhere could use this information to recondition their batteries every time one got old or died. This would pretty much eliminate the need to buy new expensive batteries ever again and it would save folks thousands of dollars over their lifetimes!

So, that’s when I got the idea for the easy battery reconditioning course so I called up Frank and asked him if he wanted to help me create a step-by-step course that showed people how to recondition all types of batteries – just like he already taught me. After a little arm-twisting and after I explained how many people he could help, he finally gave in and loved the idea too so, the next day, we started and for the next several months we were at it day at night to create the most comprehensive yet easy to follow step-by-step reconditioned battery course ever created.

Our main priority was to make sure the system as so easy to follow as possible so that absolutely anyone could use it to recondition any type of common battery out there – even people who have absolutely no technical skills and don’t know the first thing about how batteries work.

When we were done creating the program we let a group of 87 people try it out. We then used their feedback to tweak things until absolutely everyone could easily follow along and recondition every type of battery. Our course covered many months of hard work and the easy battery reconditioning course was born. The easy battery reconditioning course is an easy to follow step-by-step system that anyone can use to recondition all kinds of old or dead batteries with two simple ingredients that you probably already have in your home! The course is made up of step-by-step guides that show you how to recondition each type of battery and each guide is full of pictures and diagrams so you not only read exactly what to do but you also see exactly what to do. It’s like having Frank and I standing there with you guiding you every step of the way as you recondition your batteries and it doesn’t matter if you’re not technical or don’t know the first thing about batteries because our course is incredibly easy to follow.

What Will you Learn?

You’ll learn how to recondition car batteries, laptop batteries, long life batteries and many more. We even go over our secret method for reconditioning rechargeable batteries that don’t charge so well anymore and, if you’re using solar panels wind turbines or other alternative energy devices, then our course will show you where you can get free or dirt cheap used deep cycle batteries that you can recondition and use to store your alternative energy systems power.

This will completely eliminate the need to buy any new overpriced batteries for your systems battery bank thus saving you thousands of dollars. We also cover things like how to test your batteries with a multi-meter before you recondition them. This step is critical to know whether or not you’ll be able to recondition the battery and if you do buy any of your old batteries in bulk, this will teach you how to test the batteries first so you don’t waste money on a battery that can’t be restored.

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