Customized Fat Loss by Kyle Leon {NEWLY UPDATED}

In this post I want to give you a personal review and testimonial of Customized Fat Loss by Kyle Leon but then on top of that I wanna share with you my experience with it because I’ve been using it for about two months.

When I started doing it I just did the basic portion of it but then I started making the small incremental changes towards the more optional sides of it and I actually yielded about 2x or 3x the results within two weeks!

That’s why I wanna share those with you to so that when you do decide to go ahead with Customized Fat Loss that you can actually yield the best results with it as well. Ok, so before we begin I wanna say that if you’re the type of person who is just going to quit on this then don’t waste your time and don’t waste your money.

I know we’ve all done it the past and we’re gonna say “ya know I’m gonna start this diet today…I’m gonna start this exercise routine and I’m do it everyday..” and so on and then we quit! But, if your gonna go with customized fat loss you have to make the promise to yourself that you’re going to follow through and that’s what I did when I started.

I’d done that so many times in the past but I recognized that Customized Fat Loss was such a huge opportunity and such a great resource that I needed to commit to it and because I did that’s why the results are so great! If you’re not going to be like that then don’t waste your time or waste your money.

But if you are sick of doing stuff and you just want to get those results then there’s no better resource to hook yourself up to than Customized Fat Loss.

So, there are really two parts to it. The first part ie the essential part is the nutritional side and I cannot emphasize this enough – Customized Fat Loss is not a diet.  Diets are saying you can only eat this food every day you can only have this many meals a day and you can only eat this much food per day. And that’s ridiculous.

I love my food and there is no way that I would never do something like that but with Customized Fat Loss it is actually like the health class that we never got to go take.

I’m sure most us had a health class in school where we really didn’t learn too much. Well, this teaches you some basic nutritional stuff so that you know when you’re putting your meals together what things are gonna be fantastic for you and what things are going to be absolutely horrible for you. Even though some things are horrible you can still eat them in moderation but just to kinda have that knowledge and put together your own customized meal plans that suit your palette that suit your tastes – well that’s huge. That’s not what diets do at all and that’s why this is customized. That’s why this is so powerful and so I started doing it and it was within two weeks time that I started realizing some actual visual results with it.

This was absolutely huge for me and then and then I made some incremental changes with exercise (which is in the optional but recommended parted of the guide) and, like I said, within two weeks I started realizing huge improvements!

My results were awesome – I started to double and then triple the pace of how much fat I could burn by combining it with exercise and, once again on the topic of customized, the guide has customized workouts for you that are going to suit you no matter what type of body type you have or what your schedule is. That’s why this is so great – it’s customized so it’s meant for you to be able to work around your interests in both food and how much time you have to dedicate to exercise. Do what’s comfortable for you and you can design the regimes yourself using their tools so it’s just an absolutely phenomenal resource that I can not recommend enough.

If you’ve deciding to go ahead with Customized Fat Loss, then the link below actually gets you a sweet discount I negotiated with them to get you guys a little bit better deal. I wish you the best of luck with what you’re trying to do here and I can’t commend you enough because you’re really making a positive change in your life.

Thanks for reading my customized fat loss review.