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Content Gorilla Review

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Did you know that gorillas are highly intelligent creatures they have been recorded to make 25 different sounds and can communicate really well? And that you also know that Content Gorilla is even more intelligent because it can create a usable content piece for you in just a few minutes. In this short review I’m going to explain how it works and how you can get it at a good discount.

So, basically what Content Gorilla does is it allows you to create content for your blogs in pretty much any niche you can think of using one of the worlds largest content databases – YouTube.

You see, if there’s a video on YouTube, depending upon your niche then there’s at least a 90% chance that we can convert it into a unique blog post. So using content will is pretty easy you know once you are done with you know adding your sites and setting content gorilla up, which we by the way have a full video tutorial and You know documentation on once you are done with that you come to the content gorilla dashboard now on this dashboard firstly you have a trending section where you can basically see You know all of the trending videos that are currently Trending so, you know, you can also change the region of the videos displayed here So you can just basically go into settings and you can define the region you want.

I’m gonna show you that in a second but You know besides that we have the search bar now this search bar is you know basically very very Sort of intelligent, right, you know you can insert any Keyword in here.

That’s the simplest thing if you want a specific video you can of course Enter the URL of the video that you want Besides that if you want to fetch videos from a specific YouTube channel you can copy and paste the URL of that channel and we will basically Retrieve all of the videos of that channel and then you can go ahead and you know create content out of any videos of those channels Lastly you can also add you know a playlist URL from YouTube and It will retrieve all of the videos From that URL and you can basically convert any of those into a blog post so in this video I am going to You know use the keyword So let’s say I want to create a blog post on content marketing now you know the main reason behind why I created content gorilla was because it You know writing took me a lot of time and it certainly wasn’t a task that I loved to do, right? I would rather outsource it but I used to be low on funds back then and so, you know, I just kept it all together and that’s You know if you have been in the online world For any length of the time, you know, that content is the king and it’s not a patch on the skip right? So that is why I created content with it.

I can create blog post and literally So as you can see I just added my search term now I can order the videos by relevance recency or views Then I can also search for only creative common license videos.

I’m gonna go with any for this demonstration now again, I can go ahead and search for the videos now and As you can see we have a few beautiful people appearing here this is new Matteo This is but someone So, you know on the thumbnail self We have the title of the videos so we can you know sort of have an idea of how the video looks like we can you know preview the video by playing it and We can just click on here and Directly create the post so I’m gonna go ahead and create post now Let’s just convert this video.

It looks good Now, of course, it’s gonna take a couple of seconds to generate The entire content but as you can see here, it has already fetched the content now, so I’m going to scroll down Now we have a couple sections The first thing here we have is the video title of the video then we have the reading time now, obviously this is an estimation and it The the app estimates that a reader will take around 5 minutes and 54 seconds to read this then we have the post description Which you know as you can see, it’s here now we also have the number of words in this post which is around 1100 and then of course we can go ahead and change the titles and all You know make edits in this we can also go ahead and spin the content to make sure that it’s unique we are integrated with a Built in spinner so you know it right off the bat for you.

You don’t have to do anything You can just come here and start creating content So I’m gonna skip the spinning part for now and as you can see another new feature that we have added is that You know a a good-looking image relevant to your keyword search that you just made For searching the video gets added into your content automatically and of course you can delete this You can also add more images if you want We have the whole library right here And it’s very simple to add you just you know search for your the images you want and you can simply drag and drop It right here and it’s going to automatically Get added in your content.

How cool is that? Right? So as you can see We now have all the entire post right here And of course since this is converted out of a video it’s gonna contain some words that are specific for that channel like for let’s say For example, let’s say that obviously, this is Neil patel’s Video, so it says things like Neil Patel and you know, it promotes his service and all that, right? So I can just basically go ahead and Add it that part out right? It’s simply a start and You know once I’m satisfied I can by the way, we also have a pretty cool feature of grammar correction.

So You know You can run this and basically what happens is it? Goes and looks for any grammar errors in the content and if there are any errors it will fix it for you so that’s a pretty cool new feature and Yeah, let’s move on to the featured image section here now Basically, this is the thumbnail of the video that we automatically fetch and add to your post as the featured image Which you will see in a second here after the post is published But you can also, you know go ahead and change the featured image and upload your own then we have the tags section now the This is actually pretty important because tags are basically what tells Google to rank your content right, so we all know Neil Patel is a giant so his tags are going to be pretty on point and You know So we have Fetched all of his video tags and converted it into post tags So when we post this post to our blog what happens is these tags? they all go and they get added into our WordPress site as as Post X so basically it helps Google Identify what sort of content this post contains and what sort of keywords it should rank it for right? So this is pretty pretty important obviously you can go ahead and add more of your own keywords if you want more of your own tags and You can even remove if you want But I’m gonna leave this and then I’m gonna go directly to the publish section.

Now the syndication is a pro feature So I’m gonna skip that in the demo But now we have you know the publish section now this is basically where you can select which blog you would like to publish with your Your post on so I’m gonna say I want to publish this on the demo blog that I have and let’s say I’m gonna categorize this under the YouTube marketing now, obviously these categories are retrieved from your WordPress in website and so you can also add new categories right from here.

You don’t have to go to You know your blogs you do that and then come here and reload and lose all of your stuff right, so you can just directly add new categories from here and Besides that we have the feature to include the video in posts Now I recommend that you do this.

If you are using a video that does not comes with a lot of Congruent content that a person could understand without watching the video right? However in this case I think that the content is Pretty relevant.

So, you know, I Assume that you user will be able to understand what he’s saying, even if just there’s text and there’s no video So I’m not gonna include the video But now this is something that I highly recommend that you do and this is video attribution so what this does is it basically adds a line of text at the end of the post which says that this can’t this piece of content was found on YouTube and that way and it is also Hyperlinked back to the original video, right? So that way you can save yourself from any sort of Legal issues that you might have because you are giving attribution back to the original owner of the video, right? so You know once we are all done with our stuff we can go ahead and hit the publish button and it’s gonna take a couple of seconds and Then it’s gonna publish the post for us on our blog and I’m gonna show you that in a second here So as you can see it’s been published and I can you know also, another thing I would like to show is that now let’s say that you are building a private blog network and you want to Publish this same post onto another blog now what you can do is you can come back to the content section and spin the content and then come back to the publish section and you can let’s say select another blog of yours and then directly publish to that blog too and another pretty cool feature to make sure that you you know Do not publish a post twice to your blog? what we do is we check if there if the if the post is already on that blog, so as you can as you know, I just posted on this blog and As you can see the post it the button changes and it says that the post already Exists on the website.

So that’s a pretty cool feature to prevent from duplication, right? So let’s go ahead and check out the article and I reload this And as you can see this, how is the post that we just created let’s go and see how it looks So as you can see, this is the image that I added then we have all of the content obviously and then this is the image this software automatically added for me and then we have all of the content and then we have the attribution like I said and lastly we have The tags, which help search engines Recognize what this post is for So that’s a pretty pretty neat post and I’m pretty sure that if I would have gone and wrote this it would have easily Taken me hours to research for it and it took me what like five minutes less than five minutes, especially Because I was doing all of this talking it would barely take me two minutes so that’s one thing and Besides that another feature that you get is The bulk poster now, the bulk poster is pretty pretty sweet right now What this does is it allows you to create posts to your blog in bulk? So basically, you know, you can select the website you want Then you can select the language you want the content for we have a lot of languages here.

So if you are You know, if you want to build a blog that is in a language that is besides English.

You can do that Then of course you can go ahead and enter the keywords you are in the content for so let’s say I want content for fitness and marketing both you know after that you can obviously Once you can I highly recommend that you only use three keywords But you can really add as many keywords as you want with, you know after that you define some of the post generation details now you can generate up to ten posts and then you can give it the Interval as you want.

So let’s say that I want a six hour interval between all of the posts I can also define 30 minute one, but I just want a Six hour into us so that’s what I’m gonna go with for now then obviously the categorization feature Again, you can add the categories right from here.

If you don’t have it.

I’m just gonna use the existing one and Then we have our syndication which by the way is and is a pro feature So then we have the settings We can define if you want to spin the text before the post happens We can define if we want to include the video in the post and we can define if we want to include the video Attributions in the post so I’m gonna select the video attribution for now I’m gonna skip these two because I don’t think they are required and then we have the footer link feature now This is a pretty strong feature.

So let’s say that you have a fitness website and you want to promote a affiliate product or, let’s say you’re promoting a supplement from Clickbank.

What you can do is you can let’s say – check out our new whey protein and Gain Mass Now. Again, I’m a total, noob when it comes to fitness stuff, so I don’t know if that even makes sense.

But again you can just get the idea, right?

You can basically add any text and then link that specific text to anywhere you want that you go to your affiliate link to your own website and you know You can promote in this way anything that you want This text basically gets added at the bottom of your post, right? after the Attribution, I think so, you know, once you’re done with all of these settings, you can just go ahead and hit the schedule post button So now what’s gonna happen is it’s gonna show us a property spot as it generates the post now I’ll be honest.

This can take a couple of minutes, but it’s fairly quick.

So, you know, let’s wait it out You And now as he can’t see Our posts have been created so we can just basically go ahead and check them out now So let’s go and log into our site And now as you can see Under the scheduled.

Yeah so I created the content for fitness and marketing now you can see Marketing and and Here’s a nice thing.

Right? Look at this.

It says it isn’t scheduled for 30th at 5:14 and Now this year is scheduled for 29th at 11:13, right, so this is going to be a Six-hour interval as I define between all of these posts, right? So the first one will be published at eleven twelve The next one in the next sixty eight six hours Which will be at 5:12 VM and then the next one at eleven so, you know as you can see It’s a six-hour interval between all of the posts using the Blog posts that you can make city schedule content for up to 10 days So that’s pretty pretty amazing, right? And as you can see we have the content Basically rotating.

So once the post is for fitness in then it’s for marketing and then again, it’s for fitness and then again, It’s for marketing.

So that’s a pretty pretty cool feature.

So that’s how basically the Debug post feature works now, let me take you back to the dashboard And another thing I’d like to show you is the post later feature now, this is pretty pretty unique, right so let’s say that you are searching for something and you come across a pretty good video and it’s just not something that you were looking to post immediately and you want to Make sure that you have that in your arsenal of videos to post later, you know at a later time so you can just basically click on the post later button and This post basic this video basically gets added into the post later list Let me take you to the post later list And as you can see right here this video is right there so I can come back later to this list and I can create the post at any time that I Want to so that’s another amazing little feature then we have obviously the article writer sorry article rewriter where you can basically Do you know rewrite your own content? So let’s say that you have your own article that you want to rewrite You can just basically copy and paste the text here.

Click on the rewrite button, and it’s gonna rewrite the entire article for you So that’s pretty much how content gorilla is working again, you know We also have a lot of knowledge base articles.

We have video tutorials We also have our Facebook community.

And so, you know I’m pretty sure that you’re going to love content gorilla so make sure you pick you pick your copy of today because this is a very limited time discount and there will be timers on display that well, you know tell you when this deal expires and So, you know, you just make sure that you get your hands on content gorilla before that happens Content Gorilla, content gorilla tutorial, content gorilla pricing, content gorilla up-sells, scam, ripoff, review, Chris Fox, andrew and chris fox, money, money matters, money making tips, saving money, save money, money management software, free money management software, managing money, content gorilla honest review, content gorilla review and bonuses, gorilla save impala, gorilla save impala from cheetah, With that said I’m gonna see you on the other side.

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