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Consistent Golf School Review

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This consistent golf school review will take a look on how to build a consistent golf swing. In fact, we will examine how you can become a professional golf player using the consistent golf swing school program.

Jeff Richmond is the author of consistent golf swing school. He claimed that the program is the first online golf swing school for beginners, intermediate and professional golf players. He maintained that he has what it takes to make you a consistent, powerful and exceptional golf player. How real are his claims? Let’s examine the product.

It is a golf course that reveals weird and revolutionary success secrets of Ben Hogan. Jeff Richmond studied the life and golf style of Ben Hogan and discovered the only secret that made him one of the greatest golfers on earth if not the greatest.

The consistent golf swing school by Jeff has over 10,000 golfers around the globe that are eagerly studying how Ben Hogan became great playing golf. The program has step by step videos on how you can move from amateur to professional golfer.

consistent golf swing school  has the transformational ability because it centers on the users weak points. As a member, you will reveal your strengths and weak points. After, which you will work on you weak point until success.

Jeff Richmond does not reveal Ben Hogan’s top secrets until you become perfect in other areas. The secret is what makes the consistent golf swing school number online golf course today.

As a rule of thumb, you must download a free book that contains 7 shortcuts that improves your ball striking.

Who is Jeff Richmond?

Jeff Richmond is the founder and CEO of the consistent golf school. He is a professional golf player. He teaches how to play consistent golf. Testimonies show that he uses Ben’s secret to teach how to be more consistent in golf. For 25 years he has been teaching golfers of all levels and you can reach through his email jeff [at] consistentgolf dot com.

Address: Jeff Richmond 616 Corporate Way, Suite 2 Valley Cottage, NY 10989-2050 USA

How Does Consistent golf  It Work?

Immediately you land on the consistent golf school official site, you will be given 29 –page ebook free. The free book contains the 7 shortcut to a successful golfer. In addition, you will understand how Ben Hogan was able to develop the secret that kept him ahead of every golfer until his death.

To have Ben’s insider secret as revealed by Jeff Richmond, then you will pay just $17. After which you will be introduced to 5 step formula of becoming a powerful player. The 5 steps are:

  •  Step 1: Rank 4 aspects of a golf game (long/short/putting/mental) in term of the weakest to the strongest.
  • Step 2: The school then offers a proven step–by–step practice program to help players improve student’s weakest point.
  • Step  3: Follows the program and keep practice until the player feel happy at a certain level
  • Step 4: Having a plan to maintain that level and even improve more.
  • Step 5: Go back to step 1 and repeat the process

The essence of these steps is to work on your weak points. Mastering you weak point will make you a perfect golf player. Remember, the founder of the consistent golf school is an expert, which means he has the skills to bring the best out of you.

The program further laid emphasis on learning how to play the long game, the short game, the putting game and the mental game. Generally, the long, short and putting game helps in developing technical skills while the mental help in building confidence.

Jeff teaches the psychology of playing, which is why he reveals how to be calm while playing. How to be more confident and how to manage stress. In fact, the success of every golf player begins with his/her state of mind.

The Consistent Golf Swing School – Advantages

  • Very affordable when compared to other golf programs or hiring a personal coach
  • Free 29 –page ebook
  • Flexible 5 step formula that is easy to use and apply.
  • The program comes with full money back guarantee
  • Consistent golf swing program comes with lots of free bonus
  • It is a life time membership program so users enjoy the regular updates

The Consistent Golf Swing School- Disadvantages

Though, consistent golf swing has lots of advantages, it does have some weak points that users must know. You need high speed internet to download the video because they are of high megabytes. The videos are self explanatory, yet Jeff Richmond is always available to proffer answers to any question.

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, Jeff’s consistent golf swing school appears the only online golf course for beginners and all level players. The price is reasonable. Its structure is to bring the best from each player. It focuses of working on the student weak points while strengthening their strong points.

You definitely have nothing to lose because consistent golf swing program comes with full money back guarantee. This means you must become a professional golf player in 8 weeks. Still wondering how to become a top Player like Jeff Richmond and his mentor Ben Hogan? Then

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