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Commission Blueprint Evolution

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The reason I have chosen to review the videos first is because the written manuals are only truly effective once you have watched the videos.
Particularly if you’re stuck on finding a profitable niche product to promote.

Video 1 – Introduction

Nothing more than an intro into the potential of the course and the usual prepping and what you’ll learn kind of stuff. Let’s move on…

Video 2 – How to use the program Again, nothing to really review here. Although it’s useful to watch this video to see how to flow through the material so that it all makes sense. But I can tell you, watch the videos first and then read the written manuals. One thing I don’t get with the way the downloads are laid out is that the written guides should be below the videos. Otherwise you might end up reading them thinking “But what about the product, what about keywords…”.

Video 3 – Picking profitable and high converting products This is always the area which most affiliate marketers fall down in and unfortunately, if you get it wrong you could end up spending weeks or months wasting your time going nowhere. The material is solid, and involves a way of looking at Clickbank stats to determine possible conversion rates.

Although I didn’t fully agree with the “formula”, it is probably as good as any way to work out if a product is going to convert or not. What you have to remember with Clickbank products is that you’re not told how well they convert upfront. So bare this in mind and take this rough advice on working out the conversion ratios with a pinch of salt because the truth is, no one truly knows.

The other technique described in finding a popular and well selling product is pretty standard for anyone who’s been in the game for more than 6 months, but for newcomers this info is crucial, so don’t overlook it or you might end up in the crapper.

This video continues and goes into insane depths for researching Clickbank products for maximum potential. I think this is probably the most in depth video I’ve seen on product research specifically for Clickbank in a long time (perhaps of all time). The guy starts pulling out the Excel spreadsheets and doing all this calculated analysis. He tells you what you’re doing and even gives you a link to the same Excel spreadsheet so that you can just fill in your own blanks. I would say that although his methods are pretty solid and will work when it comes to Clickbank product research, there’s tons of other ways to analyze a market and a product. But again, for newcomers and people who want to keep things pretty centralized and focused, these market research methods are as good as any and more than good enough to get you out of the gates the right way, from the very start.

Video 4 – In-depth keyword research and tools Again, the level of detail is pretty impressive here and I have to say that it’s not just beginners or struggling old timers that will benefit, but anyone who needs a good shaking down on how to do effective keyword research.

marketing veterans will find nothing new here, but I’ve been doing this
stuff for years and found these techniques to be refreshing reminders
of what I frequently overlooked in years gone by.

keyword tools are pretty well known to most seasoned marketers, but
it’s nice to have the resource list at hand in these times of info
overload. I’d suit this section to anyone who is paying a fortune in
PPC and not getting conversions…which is likely to be quite a few of
us 😉

5 – Domain secrets and hosting

was tempted to skip right over this section just from the title alone.
I mean, seriously – a video on how to buy a domain name? Puhleeaaze.

the info is not to be scoffed at entirely, especially if you’re not
sure what type of domain will work in your campaigns. This is actually
worth a quick watch even if you’ve been doing this affiliate marketing
stuff for a while, because trust me after watching you’ll realize that
there is a lot more significance in buying the right domain name
depending on your campaign.

it that way, I now know that buying domains is not always the slapdash
process I used to see it as.

6 – Creating your story, The essential component

is the video that intrigued me the most as someone who used to struggle
with converting people to buy from me. This video is solely focused on
the tactics required to build a truly effective landing page (the page
that the visitor will hit directly after clicking your PPC ad).

so far in the videos I hadn’t seen anything particularly new or worth
the money I’d spent to get this guide, this video is making me realize
that this course is actually created by a marketer who understands the
true key to making money online, which is of course getting someone to
buy from you.

video is essentially all about writing copy and laying out your page to
get the person to take action (whether that’s clicking your affiliate
link or putting their names and email address in your opt in form).

have to be honest here. I always try and pick holes in every single
product I buy and review for my readers. But I can honestly say that
this video alone is pure gold in terms of creating effective PPC
landing pages.

can’t express how important it is to create an effective landing page
that gets people to click on your links and ultimately take action.
Otherwise, you’re wasting time and money day after day. I also like the
fact that they teach you without suggesting you go out and do a ton of
work upfront…that’s a great attitude because until you know what is
working, you don’t want to burn out with the wrong campaigns.

video is so right on the spot and current. If you follow this advice
you’ll see purely positive results. The copywriting techniques are easy
to understand and highly effective. I should know because I’ve used
many of them with great results in the past. But of course, this
landing page that you set up is only good if you follow through with
the rest of the course.

7 – Setting up your landing pages for maximum conversion

video is actually a carry on from the previous video, which builds up
on the basics of converting more people to buy through your affiliate
link. Here, you’re introduced to the templates which we’ll cover

first I thought this video was a little bit pointless but after about 3
minutes, he talks about the templates and how to set up tracking the
right way on your landing pages.

is pretty basic stuff to any seasoned PPC marketer, but again essential
info for newbies. By the way, if you’re not doing tracking in your
internet marketing then you are literally throwing time and money away.
You need to know what works and although pretty basic, this video
explains how to set it up really easily in your templates and any other
landing pages and campaigns you setup in PPC.

video also covers the what and whys behind the templates which is also
covered in the written guides which we will cover shortly. It does get
a little technical in a couple of places here, but it is nothing
complicated and what’s cool is that you don’t even need to understand
it as what is quickly becoming obvious is that this entire guide is a
“copy-and-paste-minor-tweaks-and-roll-it-out” style of marketing.

8 – Setting up the campaign

where you get into the fine details of setting up your actual AdWords
campaigns. This is probably where most people get confused so it should
be a welcoming video for many people.

been doing PPC pretty successfully for about a year now, and I can tell
you 100% that the pillars to setting up your Adwords campaigns are
covered exactly as they should be here in this video.

fact, the point he makes about “making the sale, not getting tons of
traffic” is probably the most significant lesson you’ll learn in the
Adwords campaign creation.

I didn’t like was that it was also becoming obvious that these lessons
were all aimed at Google’s PPC advertising program. Although Google IS
one of the best PPC engines out there, they could have taken the time
to explain how to effectively set up Yahoo and MSN ads.

way, in general the principles taught here are solid and well grounded
in the world of PPC marketing.

you’ve read other paid for PPC guides such as Beating Adwords, then
you’ll already know everything you need to about creating PPC ads. But
if you’ve been losing money and/or paying too much in your Google PPC
ads, or if you’ve never tried PPC before, then this video is a great
tutorial that covers the essentials.

can honestly say that by using these techniques (and yes, there are a
few to get through) then you will save a whole ton of money and
drastically increase your PPC campaign effectiveness.

9 – Managing your campaign

actually 2 separate videos here. The first video begins to talk about
the importance of getting all your “test” campaigns under control and
in some form of routine where profits are continual and consistent.

all my time of running PPC ads, I realized that I’d been missing a few
obvious aspects of fine tuning my PPC campaigns for maximum profits.
Needless to say, I had to apply these techniques immediately to my own
PPC campaigns.

strikes me about this video is that the owner clearly understands the
importance of maintenance in PPC campaigns. The techniques here are
really useful and will help you reduce your Adwords costs, improve
positioning and overall performance.

you jump straight to this video before actually getting started in the
previous videos, this will make no sense and will probably make you
feel as if Adwords is overwhelming.

that’s even more reason to take each step as it comes and actually get
started work alongside the videos instead of trying to learn everything
in one huge lump (it just won’t work that way so please don’t try it!).

cool is that everything you learn in these videos is shown via live,
real life screen recording of his campaigns. I liked that hands on real
approach that other eBooks and videos simply don’t bother with.

second video shows even more in-depth methods to gather conversion data
and what to do with it to max out your campaigns. I have to admit, I’ve
done this and I don’t know why I haven’t heard of this way of
optimizing your campaigns.

this entire process described in Video 9 can be made a lot simpler by
Xtreme conversions software. I highly recommend it along side this
course because it essentially automates the entire process of tweaking
your campaigns so that you only pay for the best converting keywords.
It’s not essential, but let me tell you this: It will save you a lot of
time when it comes to this section of the guide.

the guy himself admits that this particular part of the course requires
a lot of work in comparison to the rest of the guide. However, it’s
probably one of the most important parts of staying alive with Google
Adwords, particularly in a highly competitive niche market.

10 – Picking a winner and milking it

video is where you are taught to hone in and focus on the right
campaigns and which ones you need to ditch.

kind of reinforces this guy’s level headed business minded approach.
This is probably the most honest and dead pan way to look at your
campaigns and how to bail out on the bloodsuckers and laser target and
scale up the bread winners.

people get burnt out because one PPC campaign fails miserably, but let
their campaigns run deep into the ground and drain their wallets. Why?
Because they find it hard to tell when to let go. When is it definitely
dead? Which ones are clear winners?

video clears up one of the biggest pitfalls in your PPC campaign
analysis. Well worth watching and could make the difference between
wasting a ton of money or dropping a would be money making campaign by
mistake. Ouch.

loved this video because the guy even goes into real details like how
many days you should wait before making a certain decision, depending
on how well your campaign is doing. I’m personally lapping this stuff
up as I’ve never been taught this way of analyzing my PPC campaigns and
can see immediate benefits to thinking this way about my results.

is only going to make sense once you’ve got your feet wet and actually
got started, but even newbies will be able to understand what to do
here. In fact, it’s so simply explained in exact, step-by-step
specifics, without fluff or filler or pauses, that you’d have to be
pretty special to NOT get this.

11 – Scaling

on from testing which campaigns to run with, this video shows you how
to go from making some money part time to rolling out a huge business
pulling in a serious amount of money.

many people hear things like that and think hype (just as I would), the
truth is that if you’ve done everything that you’ve been taught in
these step by step videos, then you’ll have a consistently profitable
campaign. Then with a profitable campaign under your belt, the only
thing that is stopping you from making your own fortune is scaling.

kind of knew and understood this principle a long time ago, but this
video impressed me because it actually goes into detail of exactly
you scale a campaign successfully. Again, this seems to
be an overlooked aspect of online marketing probably because not many
people understand how it’s done (including some of the other less than
expert Clickbank publishers out there).

12 – What can go wrong and how to fix it

now, I’ve already got enough info to really rock the PPC marketing
world. But the info keeps flowing and I truly feel like I’ve got my
money’s worth this time with Commission Blueprint (which is more than I
can say about other Clickbank products I’ve reviewed recently).

video is great for having a nice safety net that you can set up behind
you just in case you experience problems. After all, I think it’s
important to accept the fact that internet marketing is a dynamic and
constantly changing landscape. Therefore, even with the best training
material in the world, you’re never guaranteed a completely fault free

why I think this video is so important as he touches on the most likely
problems you’ll encounter and how to get around them. Things like poor
performing keywords, not enough clicks, not making sales, clicks being
too expensive or even getting the dreaded “Google Slap” (which is where
your costs per click suddenly sky rocket literally overnight through no
changes on your part).

problem stated is accompanied with every possible cause and exactly how
to fix it. Now there’s no need to panic when thing go belly up, as
there’s always a clear reason which you’ll soon see why in this video.
A comforting source of info in my opinion.

13 – Cash flow

at the title I wasn’t sure what this was going to be about, but
basically this is a less conventional video that explains Clickbank’s
payment processes. For many people, Clickbank is a confusing system
when it comes to getting paid. Sure, it’s obvious that they pay twice a
week by check/direct deposit. But what many PPC marketers overlook is
the way that Clickbank withholds money and accounts for thresholds and
refunds, among many other things.

might seem like bare bones stuff but the guy makes a good point: Ever
tried reading the Clickbank policies on their website? I know I have
and it’s confusing to say the least.

reason he’s covering this info is that cash flow is crucial in your
business, particularly when you’re paying for advertising. If you
misjudge your cash flow, you can be out of business quickly, simple
because your timing is out.

thought that this was a nice addition to the entire course, because
most other courses overlook this and as a business person I think that
it should always be mentioned in online business advice.

14 – Wrap up

groundbreaking here, but still a good close to the course. This guy has
clearly had some kind of experience in presenting and teaching because
the way the course is wrapped up makes you feel really inspired to take

if you’ve done it the way I suggest then by the time you’ve watched all
the videos you should already be in business and making money.


videos are some of the best I have seen in a long time. I love the way
the material is delivered and there’s no pauses or filler. The guy
literally glides through with a really relaxed but extremely well
focused teaching approach.

was surprised at how quickly I got through the material and I was done
in less than 2 days from start to finish. I’ve already implemental
several techniques and approaches in my existing campaigns and I love
the way the templates he provides (which I talk about shortly) are so
easy to customize but still maintain as profitable converting landing

best part of these videos is that you don’t have to sit through
watching some guy creating a Clickbank account, you don’t have to
listen to some dufus making jokes and you don’t have to crank your
speakers up and down for each video.

material itself is extremely well grounded and up to date. I know this
because I’ve used most of the material myself…which incidentally took
me a few years to learn on my own 🙁

If I
had this when I started, I’d be a few 100 thousand grand richer as we
speak. But that’s not to say that there’s no time to catch up and by
refreshing my memory on these time tested Clickbank marketing
techniques via PPC, I can seriously see no way to fail.

I am
so used to doing reviews and taking courses that are sold on Clickbank
that I feel that I have become a master at spotting the hype and theory
from real business building advice online. Let me tell you, I’m always
on the fence but this product blew me away for being so genuine and
real. But as soon as I started watching these videos, I could tell the
material was coming from someone who knows his stuff and clearly has
practices what he preaches.

no “theory” here. This is in the trenches, battle earned advice that
you absolutely must take on board to step up your game in PPC

after years of working it out for myself, I can see myself referring
back to these videos for a few weeks from now.


In Secrets

in secrets clearly focuses on setting up a small 1 x page website that
is purely designed to get the visitor to enter their details into the
opt in form. This is so that you can build a list of prospects that you
can sell to over and over again, or have multiple attempts to try and
sell the main product that you have in mind.

manual should probably be read after the videos have been watched, and
it makes no sense that it is listed above the videos in the download
area. Nevertheless, this manual follows the same consensus that the
videos follow: No BS, No Fluff, No Theory.

thought I had my opt in landing pages pretty sewn up, but I was my eyes
were open to just a few little tricks which totally flew over my head
in years gone by. It’s the kind of stuff that you really should have
thought of yourself but for some reason didn’t.

also like the time tested copywriting advice. This is the stuff that
separates the winners from the losers in the world of marketing and
even sales in general. Ask any seasoned pro and they will tell you that
it’s the words that are written on their web pages that makes them
sales each and every day.

the price of this course, you’ll get a ton of value from this one guide
alone that you can transfer to all areas of your online marketing. The
principles are seriously powerful and the specifics are in place so
you’re not left to guess your way through.

pretty short too, weighing in at only 20 pages, with lots of white
space and images. Don’t get wrong though, it’s packed full of juicy and
essential landing page crafting secrets. These techniques are proven
and if you simply apply them to your business, you’ll get more opt ins
that ever before.

Pre-sell Page Secrets

like the first report, this one’s nice and easy to read and seriously
packs some heavy hitting advice for pre-selling your visitors after
you’ve paid for that all important click. Surprisingly, this report is
only a modest 11 pages long which seems strange as you would think that
there would be more to cover in a pre-sell page where more text is
required in comparison to a basic opt in page.

way, you get some really solid advice on pre-selling your visitors
using a proven formula which involves a specific layout, wording and
actual themes of content that works like a charm every time when it
comes to getting people to click your affiliate links!

impressive is that real, live sites are provided as an example to prove
that this isn’t just some theory we’re talking about here. We’re seeing
the proof in the pudding, with custard and cream baby.

some nifty tricks that I kicked myself for not applying or even
thinking of before. But hey, we’re all human and I think I’ll get over
it pretty quickly 😉

Review Page Secrets

is where my attention was headed, for obvious reasons! I was dying to
know what I didn’t know already about creating review pages. Even
though I take my own approach to reviews which is unrivalled in the IM
community, this little 14 page guide is solid as a rock in terms of
conversions and maximum efficiency.

love the ideas laid out here and clearly, this is something that again
has been tested through PPC religiously. You can rest assured that
applying these principles to your online campaigns will result in
conversions far greater than what you’re led to believe is the
“industry standard”.

fact, you honestly won’t believe how these simple and minor elements of
creating an effective review page really do make the difference in your
bank account…it’s scary and you’ll only believe it when you see it
for yourself with your own campaigns. Just don’t rush and do exactly
what you’ve been taught and you can expect to get very similar results
as the super affiliates in no time at all.

short guide also shows how his friend got seriously slapped by Google
for what looks like a perfectly good review page (he shows you the
actual review page) and then tells you how to avoid that, why it might
have happened and how to turn that sort of review page into a killer
converting review with hardly any extra work (again, he shows you the
end result after he tweaked it for maximum conversions).


know I’ve sounded a little one sided so far and I apologize for that.
If you know me, you’ll know that I am very subjective when it comes to
reviews and all my reviews are always balanced and fair. I will always
speak the truth about the junk and the scams and everything else in

when it comes to Commission Blueprint, it’s hard to do anything but
sing its’ praises. Especially when you see the premade templates you’re

the 3 written guides? Well, they are great education in creating
pre-sell landing pages for PPC campaigns but here’s where my smile got
out of control…

templates reduce 70% of the work and learning from this entire course
for you! That’s not hype either. If you can’t be bothered to read the
manuals, just plug in the templates and swap out the text for your own

so easy to get up and running when you’ve been handed the proven
pre-sell templates for making easy commissions.

sure, you’ve got to put in the work of keyword research and actually
setting up the campaigns along with tracking and managing your
campaigns, but you can kiss goodbye to landing pages that don’t convert
and spending weeks testing, creating and editing html pages.

is truly the tipping point for me, and I can’t sing enough praise for
the generosity given with Commission Blueprint with these
templates…it’s a lifesaver for all of us underachieving Clickbank
affiliates. There’s nothing more I can say other than the fact that
these templates are worth far more than the entire cost of the course
alone (Ever tried to hire a pro copywriter or web designer lately?).

Click here to get Commission Blueprint Evolution at discounted price while it’s still available…

Commission Blueprint Evolution is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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