Learn how to build muscle and burn fat with MI40xextreme

Ben is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario with an honors degree in kinesiology his post-graduate work has taken him allover the globe to collaborate with the world’s authorities on performance nutrition, exercise physiology and biomechanics which is the study of human movement.

Ben’s intelligent approach to muscle building has taken him to the top of the professional bodybuilding world he is recognized around the world having appeared in every major fitness magazine in North America and Europe. His name has become synonymous with unintelligent and healthy approach to bodybuilding and Ben takes enormous pride in being a great role model for fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts both young and old all around the world.

The highly educated Ben is a very sought-after public speaker on the matter if nutrition and exercise science and his Mi40x program is the best way to expose all the training mistakes that most bodybuilders commit without knowing it.

Ben has spent a ton of personal time and effort on research studying and planning the training as well as the nutritional elements for the MI40x program and the program is suitable for individuals who are serious and committed to grow muscles and cut down body fat.

Bulking, cutting and shredding techniques are all covered in this comprehensive program which contains everything that a committed muscle building needs to put their muscle growth on the right track. It practically guarantees that you will get the desired results if you are fully prepared to commit to the Mi40x extreme program and this is backed up by hundreds of testimonials from satisfied customers.

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