Hey there, today I’m gonna be reviewing Juice Plus and Organifi – these are two nutritional supplements that you may have come across if you’re looking to add a a whole food supplement into your diet. We all know that its important to get more fruits and vegetables, because it’s just such a good thing to do for ourselves but, lets face it,  it can be really challenging to get seven to thirteen servings every single day.

So, I’m going to start by talking about Juice Plus.

This is a product that comes actually in a capsule it’s not actually a juice, so this surprised me when I first ordered it.

There are three options available namely vegetables, fruits and berries and you can get the trio or you can just get the red and the green together. When you take all three you are getting over 30 different fruits and vegetables so that’s pretty incredible.

And it’s really handy that they actually comes in a capsule so you take two of each capsule every day and they’re really easy to swallow.

There are no sugars in these capsules and what I like about these is that also has a strain of probiotics so they also helps with your digestion.

The other really neat thing is that these have an official nutrition label, as opposed to vitamins and things that have a supplement label. This is because this is actually food which is regulated by the FDA (so it’s also not taxed in parts of the country where they don’t tax food).

I actually wanted to compare Juice Plus with Organifi – this is a powder so you actually mix it into water and it will reconstitute into a juice drink so if you are used to juicing – which I have done for years  – and you love the flavor of fresh vegetables and juice and a glass that you can sip on then this is a really great substitute for that because it mixes up really, really easily and it tastes great.

And I feel a lot of energy when I take this.

With Juice Plus it’s actually a little more of a cumulative effect so I have replaced my coffee in the morning with a glass of Organifi and I have already noticed a significant boost in my energy levels – and best of all, there’s no crash because there’s no caffeine in it –  you know like that 10 or 11 o’clock slump that you always seem to get with coffee.

I’m going to explain the It’s the same formula it’s just in a different consistency so the gummies, they look like this.

They’re tasty and have all the same fruits and vegetables in them – it’s the same blend, it’s just of course that the gummies cannot have the probiotic because that would break them down. They also have just a tiny bit of sugar whereas the capsules have no sugar but it means they are great for kids they’re great for anyone who doesn’t want to swallow a capsule so that’s pretty handy. I also wanted to tell you that the research that’s been done on Juice Plus is pretty substantial. In fact, it’s actually the most researched nutraceutical product on the market and there are, I believe, over 30 peer-reviewed gold standard studies that have been done on Juice Plus and the effects on the body.

There’s one on skin there’s one on the circulatory system there’s a lot of science behind it it’s been around for quite a while this productitself has been around for I think 25 years the company itself has been aroundfor 40 so this is something that you get through a distributor which is nicebecause they can let you know when your next shipment is coming which is handybecause you get a shipment every four months when you enroll in Juice Plus youget four months at one time but you’re billed monthly so I can be a little bitconfusing for some people because you’re not getting a shipment everythingmonth rather you get two of each bottle in one box and then you just you’d paymonthly so and then four months you get another oneorganifi on the other hand if you order one bottle then you are enrolled in amonthly auto-ship if you order two or more bottles it’s a one-time purchasebut the company does keep in touch with you through emails and such that youyou’re never feel like you’re alone with it and I wanted to also talk about thebonuses that the company offers companies offer so what I really likewhat organifi is that they give you an opportunity to try it for free to see ifyou like it you can actually drink the entire jar if you want and if you decideit’s not for you you can actually get your money back there is also a linkbelow or you can click on it and it will give you an option to try three freeglasses of it all you do is pay for shipping so that’s another great way tosee if you’re just curious about the taste I think that it tastes like asweet green tea and it’s really refreshing it dissolves really nicely inwater it’s not chunky I really enjoy it what’s really cool about Juice Plus isthat they actually give for every adult order they get it you get a child’sorder for free so that’s pretty cool an adult order is either the duo or allthree and a child can you sponsor gets the red and the green and the child canget gummies or they can get capsules but they can get it for free for up to fouryears with a paying adult side supporter so as long as that child is between theages of four up through undergrad in college they can get it for free out ofall the M the painting adult has to do is just cover that shipping and fill outa survey since it they are actually taking part in the Children’s HealthStudy so it’s an ongoing thing and they just ask you questions about know howmany days of school your kid has missed for being sick if they’re noticing lessdoctors visits things like that it’s a really good deal when youconsider yours hundreds of dollars with a product but you’re really getting forfree and if that child is over 16 then they get a full adult sized helping sothat’s pretty cool.

Now as far as the cost Juice Plus and Organifi areactually pretty similar you are paying about $75 a month forJuice Plus for one adult and then for Organifi if you buy just one bottle thiswas about $60 and there’s 30 servings in it so if you buy more than one bottlethe price per bottle actually goes down so that’s kind of cool but the prices ispretty similar the quality on both products is really really really good soif you like to kind of have something to sip on and it’s like drink juice Iknow when I first ordered Juice Plus I was expecting like something todrink and really these are these are capsules but you just swallow andthey’re so handy and great for traveling they’ve really helped our family not getsick so often and I’ve had it working in in as well I actually take allof these products just because I know that a benefit of fruits and vegetablesis so good and I really feel like they do kind of different things so I justwanted to give you a recap about what each of them the consistency and kind ofthe differences in the company so I really am happy with both of them and ifyou have any questions please post them below come check me out on Facebook atwww.